September 18, 2015
What Does it Take to Be a Winner_2

What does it take to be a winner?

WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO BE A WINNER Beyond analyzing the outcome of a lottery, what does it take to become a lottery winner? Is it just plain luck, or are there some numerological and astrological clues? I made some interesting observations. For instance, the birth number of 6 tops the list of money-makers in this country. The number 6 also rules the sign of Taurus. I found that people born under Taurus won the lottery more frequently. The other Earth signs – Virgo and Capricorn – came in second and third. Numerologically, I noticed that those with birth dates…
April 3, 2015
horse racing 4

Numerology and Horse Racing

How do you handicap horse races? Do you play by hunch, or do you work from a racing form using past performance as a guide? Whatever your method, Numerologists have come up with various formulas for determining possible winners. An Indian Numerologist from the East, for instance, feels that the Moon, along with other key plants and their movements in the heavens, greatly determines the winning outcome. Another Numerologist uses a system that combines the number of a horse’s name with other factors to find winners. Finally, there is a system that uses one’s own date of birth as a…
January 12, 2015

Numerology and Gambling

How many of you gamble? Perhaps all of us at some time in our lives take on gamble or another. Gambling in all forms is at an all-time high today. There’s lotto, bingo, sweepstakes, contests, lotteries, and “the numbers.” Some people have extremely good luck gambling, others are flops. Gambling, like anything else, should be kept within reason and done with a cool head – easier said than done. Almost always, the serious or long-term gambler loses in the end because the odds will always be in favor of the house. Since there are different types of gambling, it’s understandable…
January 12, 2015

Finding lost objects

Have you ever lost anything such as your wallet, money, or keys? Have you ever misplaced something around your home or office and were at your wit’s end trying to find it? Losing things is not a new problem. The ancients of long ago, through their constant study of the occult sciences, were able to determine where to look for missing objects and things. The ability to find lost things was another ability demonstrated to the late master Astrologer, Sepharial, by his swami-teacher from the Orient. The swami asked Sepharial to take an object not known to him, to concentrate…
January 12, 2015

Secrets of Thought Reading

How many times have you regretted not acting on your first impressions or hunches? Your first impressions of numbers that come into the mind are also important. It has long been understood by those involved in occult or mystical studies that there is a certain cosmic process that takes place in the conscious and subconscious mind. This process is based on the fact that if the mind is concerned with a particular matter, any number or set of numbers automatically coming into the mind bear a direct relationship to the nature of the thought. This is because numbers are symbols.…
January 12, 2015
Your Passions and Weaknesses

Your Passions and Weaknesses

What are your passions, innermost wants, drives, and desires? Do you know in what areas of life your weaknesses and Karmic challenges lie? Thanks to Numerology, these questions can be answered through your name numbers. The method of arriving at these answers can be found by using the “Table of Traits,” or the “Magic Box.” Each of us have certain inner needs, wants and desires as well as flaws and weaknesses which require further development. But in what areas of life, and in what way? The purpose of the Table of Traits, or Magic Box, is to determine how many…
January 12, 2015
How to use your Lucky Number

How to use your Lucky Numbers

Without exception almost everyone wants to know their lucky or important number and how to use it to their advantage. Some want to use their lucky number for making important dates and decisions or for taking interviews. Others will want to know their lucky number for entertainment purposes, for speculation, marriage, first dates, or for success in their plans. The first thing you need to know is what is your lucky number? The second is how to increase the power of your lucky number once you’ve found it. Your lucky or important number is determined from your date of birth…
January 12, 2015

Numerology and Money

Money is defined as “a medium of exchange for goods and services. “It takes on different meanings for different people. To some, money may mean security and happiness. To others, it could mean pleasure or a means to an end. Then there’s the other side of money – how to attract it. Ever heard someone ask, “Why is so and so making plenty of money and I’m not?” Or, “If I was born on the same day as a famous personality, why aren’t I rich?” Although your birth number and Zodiac sign play a part, your place of birth, education,…
January 12, 2015

Numerology and Your Success

“It is so easy to be successful, if one can only get the right inspiration.” – herio, Master Occultist According to the dictionary, “success” means the achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted – it also means any outcome or result, no matter how big or small. Researchers have found that out of every 100 persons, only 20 will be successful. The other 80 will lead average lives or be failures. Ironically, succeeding is much easier than failing. You have the ability to succeed, to make the most of your talents, skills, and abilities. The problem is that, while some…
January 12, 2015
Your failure and succes

Numerology and Your Failure

Failure means an inability to succeed at, to accomplish, or even attempt a certain task. Failure is a frustrating experience, but lessons can be learned from the experience however. If nothing else, you learn not to repeat them, for if you continue to make the same mistakes, life becomes one failure after another – and how sad. But why do we fail? It’s been found that your attitude plays an important role. If you think you can do something you will. If you think you can’t – guess what? Numerology can give additional insight into why we fail. This is…
January 12, 2015

Numerology and hobbies

With today’s shorter work week, there is more hobby, leisure, and recreational time than ever before. The dictionary defines hobbies as anything that gives pleasure and creates stimulus and interest in something other than a nine-to-five job. Many times hobbies grow into a profession or occupation, as in this writers’ case. Hobbies often relieve tension and boredom, produce relaxation, enjoyment, creativity, and an inner feeling of self-satisfaction and self-worth. Hobbies are as diverse as people, and those best suited to your enjoyment can be determined from your birth date. A person born November 14 (1+4=5) would choose the number 5…
January 12, 2015
gift giving

Numerology and gift giving

A gift is anything that is given, such as a present or donation. Gift giving takes place all year long for one reason or another, be it a birthday or anniversary. However, Christmastime seems to put more emphasis on giving gifts. Perhaps, like yours truly, you may have encountered the “decisions, decisions” syndrome. Hopefully, this chapter will narrow your guesswork by guiding you to buy those gifts associated with the birth number and Zodiac sign of the recipient. To find the best type of gift for someone – including yourself – keep the following in mind: The following is just…