Numerology and Events

January 12, 2015
numerology and fire

Numerology and fires

Fire is perhaps the most destructive element in nature. Fires and earthquakes take turns for first place as the leading cause of heavy death tolls. Fires and explosions alone have wiped out entire communities. Question : In what months did most major fires and explosions occur? On what days did most of them take place? Answer : The month of December let the list, with the month of May coming is second. Running neck and neck for third place were the months of October and November. These four months alone accounted for nearly 50 percent or more of these occurrences.…
January 12, 2015
numerology and flight crashes

Numerology and plane crashes

Do you fly often? Are you afraid of flying? I for one don’t like to fly often, and when I do I’m always concerned about takeoffs and landings. Recently I discovered that takeoffs and landings are the most critical phases of the flights we take. After weeks of numerical research on this subject, I came up with some interesting facts. The year 1984 saw the lowest death toll in the history of aviation. Only 224 persons died in commercial air flights worldwide. Ironically, 1985 was just the reverse. In that year, aviation accidents accounted for more loss of life globally…