Parenting and Child Birth

January 10, 2015
numerology and parenting

Numerology and parenting

Being a parent is an art as well as a full-time career. Simply because a person can make a baby, or have a baby, does not automatically make them a good parent. Perhaps parenting should be a required course in school. It would make life a lot easier and happier for the little ones. The fact that thousands of children are abused physically, psychologically, and emotionally across socioeconomic lines really needs to be looked at. Among the “lover forms” of the animal kingdom, offspring are nurtured, raised quickly, and sent off on their own. This is not the case with…
January 10, 2015
numerology and your child

Numerology and your child

One of the most important things you can do as a parent or guardian is to understand your child. Since a child learns by watching you, the way you show love and compassion will usually be in direct proportion to the way you feel about yourself. A child, like an adult, has an individual nature and personality made up of strengths and weaknesses. If you observe closely, children will tell you a lot about themselves through their actions. In group situations, one child may take the lead, whereas another child will follow. Still another child may fight all the time,…
January 10, 2015
numerology and child birth

Numerology and child birth

Numerology plays an important role in childbirth. For some of you, childbirth may have been easy, all things considered. But for others, it may have been long or difficult. I observed that a majority of women who gave birth in what I call their “caution” or “opposition” periods almost always experienced some degree of difficulty. Births, in this case, were often premature, induced, breached, toxemic, or cesarean. I some cases during their opposition birth periods, there was also emotional stress at home or in some other area of their lives. On the other hand, women giving birth in their strong…