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January 12, 2015

Numerology and hobbies

With today’s shorter work week, there is more hobby, leisure, and recreational time than ever before. The dictionary defines hobbies as anything that gives pleasure and creates stimulus and interest in something other than a nine-to-five job. Many times hobbies grow into a profession or occupation, as in this writers’ case. Hobbies often relieve tension and boredom, produce relaxation, enjoyment, creativity, and an inner feeling of self-satisfaction and self-worth. Hobbies are as diverse as people, and those best suited to your enjoyment can be determined from your birth date. A person born November 14 (1+4=5) would choose the number 5…
January 12, 2015
gift giving

Numerology and gift giving

A gift is anything that is given, such as a present or donation. Gift giving takes place all year long for one reason or another, be it a birthday or anniversary. However, Christmastime seems to put more emphasis on giving gifts. Perhaps, like yours truly, you may have encountered the “decisions, decisions” syndrome. Hopefully, this chapter will narrow your guesswork by guiding you to buy those gifts associated with the birth number and Zodiac sign of the recipient. To find the best type of gift for someone – including yourself – keep the following in mind: The following is just…
January 12, 2015

Numerology and sports

Sports and recreational activities are not only more fun today; they’ve grown into a multibillion dollar industry. Sports and recreation offer a wonderful outlet for the mind and body at all ages. Sports such as basketball and football have grown so sophisticated that one must be mentally sound as well as be physically fit and alert to play. The diversity of sports and recreation today encourages family participation on all levels, while at the same time, allowing for individual sportsmanship. Sports have grown in popularity so much that they dominate most of Saturday’s and Sunday’s TV viewing. To find the…
January 12, 2015

Numerology and music

Music is the universal art of emotional expression through the voice, instruments, or other means. Music is universally beloved by young and old, rich and poor. Through Numerology a great deal can be determined about the type of music a person is likely to enjoy. For instance, one person may like rich and forceful music; another may prefer music that is sweet and romantic. Others will be drawn to spiritual or religious music, while still others may be into up-tempo disco sounds. Numerology even goes as far as helping you select the musical instruments that are in accord or harmony…