Kiran Padmini, Sonitpur

I remember Dr Sengottuvel’s readings and analysis from then.Every time I visit him or get a phone consult there is a whole new way of seeing my life. Recently went to him for a problem that was stuck and nothing I did changed it. Dr Sengottuvel suggested a step by step method and VOILA I’m sorted again. I highly recommend his numerology services.

Seetha Aparajita, Kerala

Visited many years ago and every time I visit my life transforms. the site always has some awesome solution to lifes struggles. Be it career or promotion or money. I have followed his suggestions And have seen life transform before my eyes. he has an amazing ability to see through the problem and know exactly what and where its coming from.

Rukmini Amita, Mathura

His multiple approach and abilities help sort the issues from a different angle everytime. Just by goinng through his healing process one is so confident they have hope and feel so empowered.He is an amazing person and His energy is pure magic. I strongly recommend her numerology and healing. Thank u Dr SS. You are a true angel for me.

Shyamala Shweta, Guntur

This site is very informative and the question and answer section is very good and results matches most of the time accurately.

Mani Rohan, Gaya

Since I have been introduced to numerology reading by S.Sengottuvel, I have enjoyed going to it several times just to become very familiar with its workings and inferences, which indeed have at times amazed me though still a novice but very much interested in the subject. Your deductions have been more or less accurate and am pleased to state that I have come to admire the Hindu system of calculations of the positions of the various planets.

Anit Devadas, Sonipat

Thank you Dr.Sengottuvel, I have not seen God in front of my eyes but instead of God I have seen Dr.Sengottuvelin his form. Dr.Sengottuvel is everything he suggested me. All my rings in my family and after that I took a new flat. First we used to have a lot of tension but now there is no way of tension because my Dr.Sengottel's hands in on me. I love Dr.Sengottuvel very much.Thank You.

Deepak Girish, Palakkad

First of all I want to thank Dr.Sengottuvel because he guided me very nicely about the things I share with him. I was very tensed about my son and Dr.Sengottuvel suggested me solutions, after that things have been changed day by day. I bought very nice flat in Orlum which I always wanted. Lots of thanks to Dr.Sengottuvel.

Prabhat Ratnam, Kolar

I thank Dr.Sengottuvel from the bottom of my heart for helping me know the changes in me and my sons life. I had a lot many problems which I was unable to solve but now I feel things has been changed coz. the strength and blessings he gave me to fact the world. Now I am able to fight and find my sons happiness. God has gifted me good friends for which I never thought of my own people. I thank him for the same.

Rajiv Rajesh, Karaikal

The people I work with too your numerology reading was great. It has been 1 year since I and I see so many positive changes. Where do you want me to start? Everything is gr8, thanks

Nikita Anupama, Bangalore

I want to thank you for my daughter’s reading, it was very interesting to read. Most of all I want to thank you for answering all my questions and for helping me to find real good solutions with her, so I can change vibration and my luck in life. Many thanks for your patience, you are very kind. I am recommending you to all my friends.

Shreya Nilima, Chittoor

I am so glad to have found this precious information on numerology. I was upset, everything I did in our life was ending up incomplete/failed. I was crazy and frustrated but much thanks to Dr.Sengottuvel, his precious analysis has helped me to get back my life and understand the missing elements for my success. Once again thank u

Dipika Anita, Patna

Notice a remarkable difference in energy and overall outlook of my child. Thank you for sharing you knowledge and this gift.

Vimala Kasi, Haridwar

I must thank you for the wonderful service from Dr.Sengottuvel and I really love his reads on Dob and name. I thank you once again for the nice and accurate information.
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