Purushottama Swarna, Bangalore

I could not get a job for 2 years. After changing my name, I got a job in 1 month. I strongly believe it is because of numerology. I feel my vibrations are luckier. Before the change, I was always depressed and antisocial. Numerology has changed that.

Suresha Kishen, Barmer

I changed my name in January 2014 and after 3 months I have seen changes. I have a new girlfriend and she is great. She is beautiful, smart, and she loves me. Somebody really loves me 100 % for the first time in my life.

Nikhil Pankaja, Meghalaya

I am finally able to quit my job. I hated working for that company as my boss was a super-annoying prick. I opened my own company 2 weeks ago, and we already have 3 major clients. I can't really say this happened because of numerology, but for 25 years I was miserable working for that damn company. I changed my name legally 6 months ago, exactly as you suggested. I even named my company name as you told me to. I really did not believe my dream would ever come true. I still have many years in front of me, but I am happy. Next month, we are recruiting new people. When I meet my clients, I am always super confident. IT IS GREAT!!!!!

Sushil Sekar, Agra

For me, life after my name change has been a miracle and I would recommend anyone to buy a reading. Thank you, Dr Sengottuvel

Prasad Jeetendra, Aurangabad

I known Dr Sengottuvel since 2009 and I must say he is a god send. He guides me in making the best decisions that affects my life with humor and compassion. Now that Rajeev is in my life, I hope he stays there for ever

Venkata Nishant, Panipat

I had my first personal experience with sengottuvel sir recently. It was amazing how much he knew of what had happened in my life prior to our meeting. But more amazing is that I have already experienced several things he told me would happen, both personally and professionally."

Subhash Aseem, Assam

Dr Sengottuvel is extremely gifted in the science of numerology and in metaphysical matters, and his accuracy and predictions are uncannily on the mark every time. His readings are always power-packed with information and extremely detailed. He is simply amazing, and has been right about EVERYTHING he has said that would occur in my life. He is also very supportive and is always accessible for any questions no matter where he is, and provides constant guidance in all matters from love life, to career to even questions about those surrounding us and whether the people in our life are positive or negative, harmful influences in our life. Dr Sengottuvel has completely changed and transformed my life since the day I met him. He is a very positive force in my life, and has a very healing energy about him. I honestly don't know what I would ever do without him. God Bless him!

Sita Gulshan, Shimla

Dr SS pre warned me about my health in 2006. He specifically told me what my ailments would be and how to be careful and take care of myself. He also told me when my health would improve--and it has significantly. On another note, He has given me advice on my relationships of the people around me. He forewarned me about certain people in my life who would betray me and also to watch out for. I never would have imagined these people to do such things, but sure enough--they did. By listening to his advice, I paid closer attention to those around me which has helped prevent stress and other problems.

Dipika Mohana, Tamil Nadu

Rajeev told me specifically that I would have nerve pain on my left leg! Sure enough, that is what the doctor told me as well. To be that specific on a health ailment is remarkable.

Nirmala Shakuntala, Haryana

I met Dr Sengottuvel at the perfect time and he offered me a reading. To my astonishment it was so accurate, it was kind of hard to believe someone could know that much information about someone just from their name and birthday. Dr Sengottuvel shares information about you with such passion and clarity. I would recommend him to everyone as he is really good at what he does and it’s clear that he loves it.

Vasuda Pratima, Raipur

I have done several sessions with sengotuvel over the last few years and I am confident to say that he is a very authentic, intuitive and multi-talented therapist with a very high level of integrity. A numerology reading with him is amazingly insightful, uplifting, empowering and fun. An experience you will not easily forget!

Krishna Pranay, Rajasthan

I didn’t know much about numerology, but after a session I was surprised how much it could tell me about myself and my life’s direction. I got some more understanding about myself, my strongest parts, my triggers and my life’s purpose, at a deeper level. Receiving a numerology session for me was also more than mental understanding. I felt a shift happening (old beliefs about money) which brought me closer to living my life fully.

Neil, New York

Neil, thank you for such a sensitive and insightful reading. I met you at a time of great shifts in my life and your input helped me gain perspective on my path. I now have a better understanding of my life as an expression of universal forces. It helped explain the unconscious choices I had made in the past and cleared the way for my future adventures with open eyes and acceptance of myself! This has been truly valuable and is a gift that continues to unfold! Love and gratitude.
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