Shanthi Sashi, Chittoor

I’ve known Dr Sengottuvel for over 10 years and have had probably 3 or 4 readings over that period, all of which were accurate, immensely helpful and have proved correct. He was fundamental in helping me create and change my name during a very intense period of change. My new name, based on the vibration of numbers, is probably one of the best things that has ever happened to me and really ‘says’ who I am. Every time I introduce myself, I feel I am giving the other person a gift; my name being in total alignment with who I ‘feel’ I am. I fully recommend his readings. You will not be disappointed.

Kishori Manju, Uttarakhand

The numerology reading I received in March 2011 was nothing short of incredible. Dr Sengottuvel must have some amazing and special gift because of all the readings I have ever received, no one has ever been able to understand me on such a profound level as he did. To have somebody outside of myself tell me about the things that I have always felt inside but never ever before dared to express – well, it’s extremely healing. These are the type of things I could never even try to explain to anybody because they seem too “far out”. I feel like he helped me to regain parts of myself and even though this is a process and does not happen overnight, the help I got from the reading was so very valuable. With love and gratitude for the awesome work you are doing. All the best .

Damayanti Devika, Mathura

Dr SS is an incredibly talented, intuitive, genuine, warm and insightful man. I had never had a numerology reading, so I was a little nervous going in — but those fears were calmed immediately by his wise, friendly presence. Without a doubt, my session with Dr SS has changed my life. Although there are many resources available online to sift through surface-level numerology facts about oneself, he has a beautiful gift for distilling the sea of data in a way that is piercingly meaningful, kind and encouraging. My session left with me much to think about and a deep sense of calm as it affirmed and brought immense clarity to many of the things I already knew about myself deep down.

Ananda Anika, Puducherry

I’ve explored those hidden places of myself through things like palm reading, so was somewhat open to the idea of a numerology reading. What’s unique about sengottuvel is he sits at an imaginary table with you and opens up this map of your psyche, but the lakes, roads and destinations all link together and interconnect that I felt a deeper, complete sense of self, more than I’ve ever experienced before. He told me things I already knew, but needed to hear again. He made me feel less scared of the challenges ahead and ones at present, but mostly he brings sensitivity, empathy and humour to his readings. I highly recommend Dr Sengottuvel and the dimension that he can bring to your life.

Kalyana Kumar, Tamil Nadu

All I can say is wow. Ever since our reading I've pondered, meditated on and tossed around what we discussed. I feel so blessed right now after coming to some decisions and feeling rooted deeply in my path. With love and thanks

Nagendra Dev, Telangana

Dr Sengottuvel, the reading was wonderful and such an affirming blessing.You have great gift and made me feel so comfortable about sharing the deep recesses of my life. I found all of it so helpful.Blessings on all that you do,

Niraj Parth, Odisha

I woke up with a lot more clarity this morning. My mind was free and easy. I told you how much I write and journal around insight, spirituality and synchronicity and anything spiritual. I woke up with one easy thought in my mind. The statement you said about my mind and faith combining. Thank you for sharing your gift. You are very skilled and gifted. I was impressed and I loved our session.

Jay Devadas, Lakhimpur

I was very touched by my Life Reading report. It had an uncanny way of capturing some inner truths of my journey. Fascinating! It has been very helpful to get this report right now. I also impressed with the amount of information. Well worth the money!

Kaveri Lakshmi, Karnataka

This report was beyond insightful! It resonated with my true spirit from past, present and future and it truly blessed me. I've had similar readings in the past that were just generic and had little to no truth bearing over my true being. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is seeking an authentic, precise, insightful and in- depth report.

Rachna Anjali, Bhopal

Thank you again, so very much, for working with me. It felt transformative! I was beaming the rest of the day, and I've gone ahead and changed my email address already, as you may have noticed. Today I went to a doctor's appointment, and I almost wrote my new name on the sign in sheet accidentally! It really feels as though I've been waiting for this moment for many, many years. I'm so happy I was able to do this session with you!

Ajit Pravin, Kolhapur

I just finished doing one of your centering meditations when I had the hunch to reach out to you, so I am honoring my intuition. As I figure out how to build my coaching business and not feel unhappy at the “day job” I have had for nine years, I find myself feeling stuck and constricted. It was exactly this feeling that motivated me to begin using your meditations again. Yesterday was day one, and I am hopeful that in time I will begin to “walk the talk” of having control over my internal climate. All of that to say thank you. Your work is what helped me uncover the purpose that was already within me, and I am confident that you will also help me attract the next step in this journey effortlessly. What you do inspires me.

Manu Sushil, Jaipur

Thanks so much!! I woke up with a complete attitude shift. Your good counsel made a tremendous difference! Will be back in touch.

Vishnu Ram, Coimbatore

I'm so glad I decided to go ahead with our talk, because something did shift. Although I didn't sleep much last night, it was a very restful sleep after a long time. My spirit felt lighter this morning, then I headed to the city to teach.
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