Swati Maya, Salem

My experience with you was very positive and the report you made continues to fascinate me. I have done my homework with other numerologists and I am convinced that you are the real thing and everything in my report CAN be trusted. It would be my pleasure to have a testimonial on your website!

Kamala Indrani, Jaipur

Thank you so much for your excellent reading. I took your advice to heart and went about working on my name. I found that just by dropping the one letter in my name and changing it that all the vibrations changed for the good. Happy and glad to pay you for your most gracious help.

Shivali Radha, Jalandhar

The reading I got was dead on. I am very happy with the report. I am very thankful that you have explained in details how to change my vibrations and improve my life. I have changed my name and I am seeing positive changes already. I will certainly recommend your services to friends and family.

Kunti Kalpana, Pali

I really enjoyed this reading because it is very unique in that it uses systems of numerology. Dr SS was very helpful in determining which name was best for me to use. This reading has allowed me to understand myself better and how numerology influences my everyday living. I look forward to living life with greater awareness.

Kishor Aditya, Pune

Thanks Dr S.S for your help. I must say numerology really works. I feel better and my life seems to be so much different- more positive people are attracted to my energy vibrations.

Ramesh Harsha, Dimapur

Our marriage almost ended but now we are in love again. Thank you! Dr SS is the best numerologist!

Rajendra Sanjaya, Jalandhar

After changing my name my life is totally different. I got a new job and moved to another city. I had to break up with people that were making me unhappy. Finally I must say, I met new friends and I feel wonderful.

Kishan Naveen, Jodhpur

3 months after I've changed my name I can see changes in my life. I do not fight with my parents any more. I could not believe that the disrupted energies in my name could be the cause. BUT VIBRATIONS REALLY RULE OUR LIFE.

Chandra Venkata, Telangana

Hi, many many thanks for my in-depth reading, it certainly has shed some light on my life, thank you x. Many thanks and kind regards to you.

Manu Shyamal, Sikkim

numerology works! I changed the name of my company after your numerology analysis and I must say that we are doing better this year. I am not saying this is because of numerology, but still I feel very confident.

Kausalya Sonal, Allahabad

I have known you for many years. But until last year, I did not want a numerology analysis. I have a wonderful new boyfriend, and I am sure he is the right one.

Nilesh Mehta, Kolkata

I've met a new girl and I am lucky in love. My life is good and I’m finally enjoying it. Everything seems to be running smoothly. My head is clearer also.

Rani Anuja, Haridwar

Numerology reading has given me a new way of looking at my life, career, love, parents, and also my relationships with my coworkers. All are greatly improved. Nobody joked about my new name and some even said they like it. Thank you.
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