Ajit Ranjeet, Lucknow

I came across this site by god's grace and find your casting of my Numerology readings amazingly accurate with those done manually by others. Your general interpretations very closely match with my life experience and family and professional life and is very inspiring.

Purushottama Pradip, Dharmapuri

First I must mention here that site presentation of various topics is very BEST and you have made difficult things also very simple to understand this is because of effective, simple format designed. One of the Well designed site appearances wise and also with full of content so far I have come across.

Indrajit Ramesh, Ajmer

I am an avid fan of your site and most of the times I find the question and answers section of your site very accurate. It just happened this week when I met with an accident that I checked the site and it did warn me in that section. I only wish that I could have checked it before! However I am happy that I am safe and no one else was injured.

Dilip Arjun, Chennai

Dr.Sengottuvel is doing a meritorious service to citizens of various countries of the world by providing details for their guidance. Many are benefitting from your Numero astrology predictions. It is suggested that predictions are more accurate if all the major aspects and their effects taken into consideration. If it is possible yearly readings should include predictions for the complete current 12 months. Does wearing different gems and stones really work to mitigate the evil effects of the planets in question? May God bless you!

Kalaimani, Singapore

My name is Kalaimani from Singapore. Eversince I met Dr.Sengottuvel, I am quite convinced about the predictions of my readings in www.mynumerology.in is quite accurate, only some doubts that need to speak to you to verify and guidance. Mr.Sengottuvel it is indeed a very great service project launched on the Internet. It must be a hard hit for scrupulous and money minded for those claim to be a Numerologer expert with no essence of Numerological subject. This art is a gift from GOD and must not misuse or mislead information.

Shivali Madhu, Kannauj

I have got my name correction from Dr Sengottuvel. I got an oppurtunity to go abroad and more money from unexpected sources. I am also feeling positive, anger is gone and better relationships with friends and colleagues. I tried the healing suggested and that really helped me in my capacity to do things. I feel all people should try this. Thank you

Aditi Nirmala, Warangal

A very good site which gives accurate predictions about individuals and solves some of the queries of individuals

Shakuntala Nila, Uttarakhand

Dr Sengottuvel offers a lot of information which about personal issues and professional issues as i know i can tell it tries to get the most accurate results. I enjoy this site very much. Thanks for creating it!! My suggestion is there should be a way to contact the Numerologist personally and get a prediction for atleast one question for free.

Reshmi Madhur, Udaipur

I truly believe that the experiences I had with Dr.sengottuvel were positive and inspirational. He was organized, knowledgeable and truly connected with each individual in the group. He is an excellent resource and found him truly caring, yet dynamic.

Chetana Shailaja, Delhi

Living my life in a sense of turmoil, I turned to Dr.Sengottuvel for guidance. He has coached me, and has opened my eyes to many venues and has helped me create a strategy to be able to live my life with intention. He has guided me with his numerology readings,advising me as to what life cycle I am in and what to expect, which allow me make adequate decisions to improve my way of life. Dr.Sengottuvel's Secret workshops have also helped me understand the Secret and how to apply it to my day to day living. His work has contributed to the tranquility and sense of security in my life.

Bhaskar Ramachandra, Tamil Nadu

Dr.Sengottuvel's readings are not only accurate and insightful but they are delivered in a way that empowers and inspires the recipient.

Sheekha, Mumbai

I want to thank you about my name change. Previously, i always quarrel with my hubby on small matter and many times would treathen divorce. After changing my name for few months, i noticed i am more composed and more understanding. I may nag him but in a better manner. One more to add. We used to have very poor sex life. After my name change, it is so amazing, our sex life improved totally. I have no reason not to believe you but I have to really thank you for improving my marriage. Once again, thanks.

Chandan Kamal, Tripura

Thank you Dr.Sengottuvel, my working life have some improvement, I m more busy and have many work activities. A business friend want me to join him to do business but so far still on talking and planning stage. I haven't see money coming and financially not prosperous. I think it will come eventually. I got to be positive and continue to move forward. As for my love life, I have attracted few girls, but not sure if they r the one compatible with me.I will update u more in the future. Thank you once again Dr.Sengottuvel.
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