Agni Anupam, Uttarakhand

Tell you what sir i had read sumwhere that a number 4 person is always grounded no matter what happens....observed the same in my case also.. thank you for your readings and guidance..

Damodar Anantha, Maharashtra

The type of numerology that Dr.SS offers goes into much more depth than others I have experienced. I highly recommend Dr.SS. His readings are done with great love and accuracy.

Kumari Abha, Odisha

Numerology for enlightenment has given me new insights into the various aspects of my life and the pattern of events that have unfolded at different points of my personal evolution. Thank you Dr.SS. You are an inspiration!

Arun Ramesh, Punjab

The reading was thorough and surprising to me regarding the depth of information shared. I was impressed by how specific and current it was and believe Dr.SS was able to use his intuition and sensitivity to bring life and personal significance to the reading I received.

Indrajit Madhukar, Nagaland

Dr.SS has been a good friend and well wisher for our family for past few years.So it gives me great happiness to say a few words about him.People close to him already know that he is a very talented and respected person.He has inherited their good nature and talent no doubt! Coming to my case,I had a string of miscarriages and almost had lost hope. One fine day when God blessed me with another chance to have a baby, I approached Dr.SS.He has done a detailed study of my case and guided me on several issues which have given me the one result I was struggling for almost six years---my baby! He is one and half years now and when I look back at the last three years among all people who helped me through those tough times, I see , the Divine Guru,my husband ,my parents and just after them is Dr.SS. During our association ,I noticed that when he gives guidance it is purely from his heart and not with any expectations in return. He makes sure the core problem is addressed.To be guided by such a person with pure intentions ,is what is most important for any person who is seeking answers in their life.

Kapila Jaidev, Sikkim

His predictions have quite often proved to be accurate and personally in my case he was 100% right with respect to my progeny.His subsequent predictions with respect to other aspects like my career, visits abroad, children's education and their future have also been proved over 70% correct. He proved not only successful but also very useful for all clients. Many felt happy that Dr.SS took keen interest and showed exemplary skills in mastering the intricate nature of this subject. He gradually developed into one of the most accurate Astro Numerologer and I take this opportunity to congratulate him on launching a web site and serve those who depend on numerology for bettering their lives. I am sure those who consult him will be a happy lot and I wish him all the best in his endeavour.

Aradhana Seetha, Manipur

Numerology has changed my life. I have struggled with acne since I was 12 years old, I am now 34 years old. I always thought my acne would go away with age. I was very wrong, my skin was aging and I still had acne. I have tried every product out there, and so many more. NUMEROLOGY has saved my skin, not only has it cleared up my cystic acne (my dermatologist wanted me to take Acutane) but my skins texture has improved dramatically. I recommend it to everyone!!! Thank you NUMEROLOGY!!! I am forever grateful.

Reshmi Deepali, Tripura

Just wanted to share with you some of my experieinces with respect to the Numerology related facts that you shared in my case. You just took some details pertaining to my date, yr, place of birth etc.. and asked some simple random questions. I was wonderstruck when you told me back in 2003 that I would become a AVP in the next 2 years. This seemed impossible as back-to-back promotions in 2 years is hardly heard of especially at middle to senior management level. And guess what, I actually got 2 consecutive promotions I again got dumbfolded when you told me in 2005 that the following 2 years would be very stressful in terms of major issues at work. And it actually hapenned exactly in line with what you mentioned, Your method of doing this is very simple and there is science and intution involved that makes it come true everytime. Good luck in your career in Numerology..

Trisha McBride, Goa

My name is Trisha McBride and I started using NUMEROLOGY a little over a year ago. In the past I have worked in the cutting edge cosmetic industry and have a vast knowledge of skin care products. I can honesty say that I have used it all, yet I have never used anything like NUMEROLOGY. I have extremely sensitive skin and most product irritate my skin leaving me unhappy and unsatisfied with the results. Also being a concsious player on this planet, I don’t want chemical ridden crap on my face. I don’t want the products I use tested on animals and I don’t want to spend my hard earned money on a over oiled corporate machine. Five problems solved, done and done. I personally know the owner of NUMEROLOGY, I know how long it has taken to create this Magic, I know personally of his dedication and commitment to the raw food and holistic world. These have blown my mind and make my thoughts SING. I absolutely LOVE his care line and after using the best of the best I won’t use anything else. I believe in taking care of my self from the inside out and using NUMEROLOGY makes me so happy. You can feel, smell ad sense the dedication in his service. After 10 years in the cosmetic industry and using the most expensive well researched products on the market, I would give NUMEROLOGY, FIVE STARS. For sheer excellence, the best and bio dynamic care on the market. Thank you Dr.SS for creating my dreams Come true!

Agni Ananta, Lakshdweep

The day I met Dr.Sengottuvel, I had been beaten down to a level that most human beings would have chosen to pass on to the next life. Only religions and the writing of men and their beliefs, ideas, ideology and their wicked philosophy can label a human act good or bad. Who are we kidding?...I can’t tell you in detail or as a matter of fact exactly what Dr.Sengottuvel has done for me spiritually, you have to experience it, but what I can tell you is that it shown me that positive thinking results in positive manifesting. You listen to people asking, “Why does God let this happen?” It’s not God, it’s YOU! Thank you!

Deepak Shrivatsa, Mansa

Each of our lives are interconnected in an amazing web of destiny and karma, and in every moment lies a chance to ask for clarity. I thank my dear friend, Sengottuvel, for allowing me the awareness of my connection to Source, urging my growth towards its' infinite beauty, and helping me to understand the vibrations of my mystic 7 spirit. There are special people who have lives devoted to helping and healing others, and to them I offer gratitude. May we all be blessed with the confidence needed to follow life toward bliss...
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