Neela Shakti, Pondicherry

Hi Dr Sengottuvel, your analysis about my dob and my life experiences is 100% accurate. I opted for the victory name correction by you and frankly had very little faith. But since all my friends who have got their name corrected by you have got amazing results, I was keen. Within days of getting the name correction i got good news.Relationships improved and my health is also great. Thanks to you iv crossed the toughest struggle in my life.

Indrani Anika, Punjab

Hi, I got my reading a few weeks back and solution for me. I never believed too much in name numerology or astrology. I was shocked with the sudden change in my life. I was told miracles would happen but didnt think it would be so good. Dr Sengottuvel is amazing. Thanks a lot and I’m extrememly happy with all the guidance and numerology.

Jyotsna Meera, Rajasthan

I am so happy with the results in my life. My health has gotten better. Money that was to come to me came back after all these years. I also got promoted within a month. Sengottuvel hi is amazing.

Lochan Shripati, Raipur

I visited Dr Sengottuvel in one of my worst times. He suggested some remedies for my issue. His analysis of me and my problem was so accurate. he could just go on and on about my personality and life, but he kept it short and to the point. I loved his approach. Everything he suggested was with reason. Every remedy he suggested had some basis.

Jayendra Varghese, Nilgiris

Dr SS is a great numerologist, he explained the logic for most things he suggested. Somehow, you just have to trust judgement. Everything become wise and we are happy in the life.

Vasundhara Rajni, New Delhi

I got my reading one year back within a short time, my life started to change. Career, relationship, work, colleagues. Everything started becoming happier and I was attracting better opportunities and experiences. I got appreciation at work which I’d never recd before. Its all because of my happy family and the master of numerology Dr SS.

Poornima Gita, Chittoor

I attracted the right person and other than that there was nothing right in my life. It’s uncanny how a few tweaks and cures can change your life. Yes I have been referring so many friends with Dr Sengottuvel. And they also find great value in the change. Her remedies and with numerology is absolutely amazing. He really gives a person a well rounded solution to your problem.

Pushpa Yamuna, Yamuna Nagar

i have experienced immense benefits after the reading… my life deal which was prolonging for more than 6 year got closed hardly with in few weeks. Life is also experiencing a paradigm shift…hoping to see more promising changes in the coming days…

Karan Lakshman, Uttar Pradesh

I have witnessed the worst happening of life around me. With the help of Dr SS I it is a happy world. I was told I would see change in 3 months and it happened too. I and my family are very happy with all the services in SS ji office.

Sekar Mahavira, Tripura

I have been to Dr Sengottuvel years ago and whatever he had suggested for me worked like pure magic. I have liberally endorsed his services to friends and family and each one of them talk highly of the guidance and suggestions made by him.

Mahesha Devadas, Sikkim

It’s usually very tough to get such passionate advice from someone who has been in this work for many years and become a national celebrity. He still advises with the same passion as he had before his earlier days.

Kistna Navin, Delhi

Dr SS is a great numerologist, he explained the logic for most things he suggested. Somehow, you just have to trust judgement. Everything become wise and we are happy in the life.

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