Aradhana Ushas, Sikkim

Thanks for your reply and kind help extended to me. Your web site is realy EXCELLENT and I have no further words to explain! that's it. I have already informed to my no. of friends and also ensure that make further efforts to request all most all to use this website.

Amrit Abhay, Jammu

Your predictions are very accurate,whatever you predicted about me hpnd . How can you predict so precisely about life events ?

Rahul Ranjit, Meghalaya

Nice talking to u,thanks a lot for your awesome predictions, may u b successful and earn a lot may u be famous internationaly may u win a pride of performance and i wish lot more thanks for ur help.You are an awesome numerologist.

Karan Rohan, Manipur

The divine combination of astrology and numerology has helped me build positive energy around me and I look at life from a completely new perspective. I'm grateful to Dr.SS who has helped me in his own unique way to help me expand my horizons and achieve great heights.

Sharmila Ananta, Arunachal Pradesh

My accidental meeting with Dr.Sengottuvel who is well versed in Astrology, Numerology and Vaastuyaan has helped me personally. This was possible by following the simple but sound advice of Dr.Sengottuvel who found out easy solutions for problems that I faced.

Nandita Arya, Bihar

He was determined to make numerology more accessible to the average person( personale reading’ s, numerology card’s) Dr.SS was ment to do this I think because of his warmth and guided intuition about his that speak’s volumes. He helped me understand myself more indepth with ease! Everyone would benefit from Dr.SS’s numerology reading’s! !

Swapnil Pankaja, Faridabad

When Dr.Sengottuvel explained my numerology reading, he gave me more than a description of my numbers and traits. His unique insight helped me see areas of my life that might need special attention, such as making time to create.He also calmed the skeptic in me. I was shocked to find that not one part of my reading needed to be “argued” into being true.The Numerology is now my most trusted source of guidance.

Vidya Dipali, Sonitpur

I’ve had the opportunity to meet with Dr.Sengottuvel and his astrological and numerological insight are something to behold. If you’ve never had a session, make it happen. You won’t regret it!

Duleep Surendra, Himachal Pradesh

Dr.SS is my link to all things mystical. When life gets hectic and confusing, his readings are very clarifying. They have served to help ground me in my own knowing and his insights, always constructive and positive, reaffirm that inner knowledge. He has a unique talent and deep understanding of his craft and is a great coach. Thanks, as always, Dr.SS.

Jaya Vimal, Lakshadweep

Love the readings its unusual, like the love combination, its really helped me through some hard times, but I am happily married now. Thanks Dr.SS, me and my husband both agree that some signs are really not meant to be lol xx

Shyama Kapil, Manipur

I think that these birth readings are amazing, they are so different and special it really told me a lot about myself. This reading will definitely hold a special place in my heart.

Kalidas Dilipa, Nagaland

Personally, I think the site is wonderful and will recommend it to my friends. Also, your responses were fast which is perfect in my opinion. Thank you again for your help.

Adrijana Rei, Sikkim

I have been very impressed with the informative content and the design and style of the website.

Shripati Pitambara, Baksa

My highest confidence exists in what you are doing and the professionalism in your team.
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