Shiva Rahul, Tamil Nadu

I think everyone should order the personal reading report, which is mouth-watering, for their better lives. I didn't know that to be aware of ourselves is such a powerful way to move on. I really appreciate in having encounterd this accurate, awe-inspiring, thoughtful, and specutacular life reading. I would read it over and over again. Thank you so much. Take care.

Roshan Sanjeev, Himachal Pradesh

It was a great pleasure speaking with you last night. The reading was so clear and precise...truly amazing! Thanks for your insight and I look forward to connecting with you again soon.

Montreal, Canada

I live in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I am 29 and have been doing a lot of soul searching in the last 5 years giving up a real friend One of my objectives this year was to clarify my life mission and purpose. This has been a life pursuit for me but not always done with serenity. Thanks to DR SS for guiding me.

Malini Rukmini, Norway

dear Dr Sengottuvel, i am writing you from norway and i am reading the purpose of life, i just started. the last cupple of years has been hard for me in every way. i´m not going into details but today i felt almost like i could not take it anymore. It is my sincere thanks Its all ok .

Drishti Lalita, Goa

This is wonderful and fun work you do. Last month I ordered readings for my friend and myself. My friend said it was so insightful, and was amazed how accurate it was. I've gained a lot of insight about myself as well. It was interesting comparing the two names. Anyway, thank you again, and I already know I'll be ordering readings in the future for birthday gifts.

Amita Anika, Punjab

I want to thank you for writing my numerology report. I have found it tremendously enlightening, and much of what you have shared has resonated deeply with me. Well this is probably more than my expecting. All I can say is I am deeply grateful for your report. Namaste,

Nikhila Nalini, Mangalore

I recently got my numerology reading and am astounded by your insights. It sits on my bed side table and I refer to it often. I have been guided, comforted, and inspired by your words many times. Thank you for writing such a wonderful guide for discovering how to be joyous and true to ones self. I wish you the best.

Lilavati Kajal, Indore

I want to thank you. I have found it tremendously enlightening and much of what you have shared has resonated deeply with me. I was looking at your website and noticed the subtitle includes the work "synchronicity". I thought I should tell you I had a profound synchronicity occur that was related to your numerology report.

Harsha Sharma, Bhandara

The change was phenomenal. I had been avoiding all of these things for months! I've also had a couple of opportunities pop up, but they weren't the right ones for me, and I found my voice, spoke my truth, and turned them down, breaking a huge pattern of accepting things that are less-than-great out of panic. Simple thanks for you suggestions.

Kapil Ranjit, Gujarat

I received the numerology report and notes. Thank you very much! Working with you gave me an expanded perception and insight into my feelings about moving and continuing.

Lavanya Karan, Chandigarh

Please accept my heartfelt thanks for the joy which your book brought to me. It is a classic of its kind, which needs to be read repeatedly. I was too deep into The Void at the time. I'm glad to say that times have changed and now I can read your work and be uplifted as well as educated.

Roshni Gulshan, Darjeeling

I love your readings. I just finished one and it was right on...I really used them as guidance for making some decisions and sometimes for not and holding back. The months were definitely in alignment with me emotionally and gave me some relief  when I would refer to the month and go, ohhh...ok, that explains THAT.

Sashi Lochana, Uttarakhand

I feel compelled to write to you, having just re-discovered your website. I was given your readings, by a family friend as a graduation present upon attaining my associates degree at age 18. It sat on a shelf for 18 months while I completed my bachelors degree. When I picked it up to read it, it changed my life. The concepts within it ... well they are things that I have come to understand, but at that point in my life, it was the first time I saw them.

Seema Sharmila, Madhya Pradesh

I followed ALL his detailed remedies and advice in my numerology report. It seemed expensive to some, but I’ve seen more expensive remedies out there. So I thought it was worth every penny. The ray of hope and thanks to Dr Sengottuvel

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