Kalidasa Brahma, Bhopal

I'm very happy with my experience of www.mynumerology.in and I certainly will recommend it to others. In fact, I have already done so and would continue to do so. I mostly use the site for its 'Horoscope Matching' feature.

Mirela Amalia, Shopian

U were right the guy I was dating married someone else .... N u said ull get married to a different guy not this one.. thank you..

Amaterasu Jade, Ranchi

Dr.Sengottuvel a person for whom I can say has observed me very closely.. He is excellent at wat he do...he has always been there wenever i needed a frnd.. to guide, to listen, to jus take out all i have in mind or heart... he is d best listener I have. Sengottuvel I always believe that Good ppl always become successful... n u r sure shot successful person and a grt hero for me... u r a magician.God bless You.

Leandros Behar, Koriya

One of the first predictions he made was about my marriage. When I was 18 years old (in 1990.), Dr.Sengottuvel told my father that I’ll get married when I turn 24. We didn’t believe it but it did come true.

Rowley Andreas, Patna

I have been consulting Dr.SS for more than 10 years. He consulted my family in many areas, including my daughter’s education, career and marriage. He helped us in many ways and did important predictions. Almost one year before they met, he predicted the initials of the husband of our younger daughter. He also knew the first letter of his hometown and predicted that he’ll be from an engineering background. To everyone’s astonishment, everything came true. He did the same for our older daughter. Also, with his advice, she picked the right profession and already gained a lot of recognition.

Nikephoros Philon, Assam

Many thanks for the wonderful reading the other day! let’s see, you really went into depth and i was so surprised! again, thank you!!! and i do have a testimonial for you, i here we go….Dear Dr.SS of the numerology, i was so totally amazed when i received my very own booklet of me! and as i read and watched the days with their many pin-pointed events-possible for that day, after the week i would be so excited to see it in writing, by way of my numbers! thank you, Dr.SS, for your sharing of this ancient knowledge, all best wishes, west-coast on the east-coast!

Anja Nola, Andaman and Nicobar

Thanks sir...ur idea worked for me...thank you so much...from both of us....v'll come to you again for our marriage & other things....

Justina Gwendoline, Lohit

After a long unfruitful search for a matrimonial alliance for my brother, his marriage got fixed quickly after consulting Dr.Sengottuvel! His support has been very help for us. His numerology predictions are very accurate and effective. Thank you!

Carmina Nova, Jamui

My parents were very worried about my marriage. My father used to be very pressurised and always tensed with regards to my marriage.He went to various places and approached many proposals but nothing was working in my case. But when we came to Dr.Sengottuvel all my desires relating to my marriage came to be true. As per his advise I started to follow. He said that you will get proposal as per your desire which happened to be exactly the same. Today my parents are really happy and that happiness has come because of Dr.Sengottuvel's blessings.I wish his blessings should shower on me and my family forever.

Sekar Sanjeev, North Delhi

I have passed the information regarding your useful and wonderful site to some friends and will continue doing so in the near future also. I must say that from your amazing site three things are very clear 1).Dr.SS has a very deep knowledge and experience of Numero-Astrology and he really wants to help other human beings who are not so fortunate irrespective of their caste and religion. 2)The computer people working on this site have very advanced knowledge about making portals. 3)There is absolute coordination between the above two which is very rare and that is why you have the finest site on net on Numero-astrology.

Anand Siddharta, Gujarat

Excellent and accurate predictions. Amazingly real, I have read all my past predictions and present happenings. And they are amasingly correct. This is unbelievable. Great work.
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