Gulshan Isha, Chandigarh

I can vouch on you Dr.SS for all predictions that you make.No human being is God or can be and Future and Past and all depends on our Karma.. But speaking with you over the phone from miles away has always helped us in most of our problems..Thanks for being a part of our Lives and making it better.All the best forever..Stay Blessed..

Kishen Ranjeet, Bijapur

You have a helping nature which is very rare these days and at such a maturity level is marvellous.You were always there to help me whenever i needed it.You supported me through my rough period,thanks once again .God bless you:

Samir Nanda, Rajkot

Wanted to thank you again for helping me. I found really few people who would like to help others.But I found you different. In your case, you are always helping.Though you are so young. I mean it is hard to expect such kind of maturity from people. I think since you have such a helping and friendly attitude towards others, that is why God must have gifted you such talent and power of helping others and solving their problem.Wish you all the best and thanks..

Swapna Vimala, Hamirpur

Numerology focused guidance have helped me go within because we both (me and my hubby) work on so many levels and areas of my life: personal, professional, etc... I see myself going deep into the unconscious, awakening gifts, talents and informations about myself I didn't know before. He is the perfect partner along the walk that helps me reconnecting with my true being.

Drishti Kasi, Yamuna Nagar

I got Amazing results of your predictions.It is a surprise that a number could have effect on the life, but after knowing the numerological effects I admit this.Thank you so much for granting this wonderful knowledge.

Shobha Anima, Srinagar


Rajendra Pallav, Kanchipuram

Thank U soooooo much for Ur Prompt response. I m highly obliged with your quick reply & the way U analysed the matter. Your reply is short but have every content i was looking for.

Siddhartha Surendra, Hyderabad

Thank you so much for your prediction. I feel my mind to be more focused and I know where should I concentrate and put my efforts. Thank you once again for taking out your valuable time to guide me.

Pranay Mahavir, Lucknow

It is really surprising to know the accuracy the magical numbers have. We have closely interacted with the master of the art and are truly impressed with the correct predictions, being made with such accuracies that you are sometimes astonished n dumb founded. It does assist u greatly in making your plans wisely n deliberately. Long live Mr.Sengottuvel!

Kashi Nirmala, Haridwar

Life planner prepared by u is simply amazing, very comprehensive n detailed study,touching almost every aspect of life.Thanx for dis exquisite guidance.

Vina Shanthi, Darjeeling

I have been watching you from afar and my Goodness what a legend you are...I am so proud of you...Your awesome...

Mridula Gulshan, Varanasi

Sir , It was pleasure meeting you and thank you for your suggestions . Looking forward for your guidance & kind assistance in future as well.

Sudarshana Mridula, Gaya

Wow...that is amazing....thank god she is safe...and you have the gift to know things.....what a blessing all the way are a very special man.....
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