Pratibha Yamuna, Panipat

God gave a gift to the world when you were born; a person who loves and cares, who sees a person's need and fills it, who encourages and lifts people up, who spends energy on others rather than himself, who touches each life he enters & makes a difference in the world. May the love you have shown to others return to you multiplied....Lotsa of Luv and Hugs!.

Geevarghese Vasu, Dhanbad

I bought your kit several years ago and it has changed my life. I have never been good at math, but I always knew there was something about numbers that intriged me.Other numerologists left me with more questions than answers.Yours was put together so well that it made perfect sense to me.I hope to see you more appearances because I think you are truly remarkable.

Manju Sulabha, Thane

I will definitely recommend Mr.Sengottuvel services for people who want to have peace and success in their life.

Mukesha Rajneesh, Sambalpur

First of all I want to thank Dr.Sengottuvel because he guided me very nicely about the things I share with him. I want to have flat in Mumbai. I was very tensed about this. Dr.Sengottuvel suggested me wear Numeric Yantra, after I wore it and things have been changed day by day. I bought very nice flat in Orlum which I always wanted. Lots of thanks to Dr.Sengottuvel.

Aditya Gopinatha, Kottayam

Thanks again. With every interaction my faith in your knowledge is increasing. U have amazing predictions.

Indra Rajnish, Hyderabad

Thanks a lot yaar , for all your support during my challenging time, you are good human being first, rest i like your kind heart as well, god bless you, this quality will make you big in your life, thanks a lot ji

Damayanti Seeta, Gujarat

Thanks for your advise and guidance. Appreciate your suggestion. my purpose of writing was to thank you from bottom of my heart. God Bless u always.

Rani Aditi, Jammu and Kashmir

I am thankfull for your have helped me through alot

Pratima Lavanya, Palakkad

And based on my learning from ur Numerology , I keep on predicting a few things in life with great amount of success.....thanks n be blessed

Sushila Anupama, Mangalore

I m realy impressed by u ,had been tellin abt to my staff n all here..

Indira Nitika, Lakshdweep

Thanks a lot for your predictions, have come from very bad phase though u said its bad as many unexpected things happen like scandal but still because of you have been saved many times Thanks and keep updating..

Ninad Amitabh, Aurangabad

Heyy sir .. All your predictions come true for my life ..I am so thankful to you for giving your time and sorting out my problems ... an amazing NUMEROLOGIST
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