Anika Kausalya, Yanam

Since I am familiar with numerology and sacred geometry, I am not surprised by your ability to tap into the truth that lies within our numbers and I thank you for the way you delivered the message with integrity, compassion and strong guidance of how to flow in life with these intense comparable patterns both of us share. Thank you.

Ganesha Pitambar, Senapati

I smiled when you made suggestions for both of us that we have already begun implementing in our lives. You did tell us both to follow our intuition and how right you are that when we do this, we can’t go wrong. Thank you..

Ananta Indu, Cuttack

You said we are both extremely physical people and found each other through that physicality. You couldn’t be more right and after 16 years of marriage and one 15 year old daughter later, we have both had to learn how to deal with the ups and downs of our individual physical appetites. We had a recent “epiphany” where we became “real” with each other about our relationship and listening to your readings gave me a lot more clarity on the “next now” for my path. Thank you !

Lavanya Devika, Madhya Pradesh

Thku SS ji as u predicted i got gud news frm abroad....

Lochana Pratibha, Punjab

As per your predictions I am getting huge profit & opportunity in property.

Sunita Gauri, Tripura

Hi..Mr.Sengottuvel.i read ur all posts ..its really so gud nd amazng!!! Sir u knw u r da frst person who has told me lots of things widout payng ...soo impressed...once again thnx alot

Reshmi Kanchana, Madurai

You are my only positive friend.You gave me a new meaning of life thanks for being there friend.

Sitara Sulabha, Sikkim

Brother, once again an honest THX!!!! I want to meet u in person sometime, not for consultation or anything...but avenhi......u r such an honest and pure person.

Samir Mahesha, Jaipur

Heyya , it was pleasure speaking to you ...and after speaking to you i am always happy ...i am thankful to you tonns of times...

Ankur Gotam, Meghalaya

I would also like to take an opportunity to" Thank you " Sengottuvel ,,with help of your predictions had nice year though had hurdles but that too passed away... and am sure this Year will pass on nicely with your guidance..Thanks a lot

Shanthi Rukmini, Tamil Nadu

Thanks sir. you helped me take some important decisions last year. thanks for them. bless you for being there for all of us in good times and esp bad ones. you have proved how human life should be lived. with compassion, love and understanding for all...

Shantanu Kavi, Patiala

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