Vena Anuja, Barmer

Your program and guidance was truly impressed with your readings and your recommendations of gemstones, to a couple.

Swapan Jayendra, Karimnagar

My little Scholar,I wore the gem u suggest on thursday and on sunday i clinched a deal to sell one of my business which i wanted to sell.Your directions have started working for me. Hope For The Best. Thank you once again for all your guidance. You are A One Blessed Soul.

Jayashri Kanta, Tripura

We deal in Solar Water heating and Lighting Systems provide customized and efficient products and prompt service. We were amazed by the memory Hook of Dr.SS: to experience and express "Ohh no, to aahhhhhhhh".

Neha Dipti, Delhi

Boss Great ....You are making so many people happy..we are proud of you

Madhu Deepali, Haryana

Hello!I just got a call and they told me I have got this job......I will get the offer letter tomorrow or day after. Thank You sir..

Prakash Ravi, Tamil Nadu

I am so happy.Thank you for being there all through this. You already knew that I am going to get it. Best regards.

Pallav Vikrama, Andhra Pradesh

All because of you !!!!!!!Thanks to you.

Dhaval Sanjit, Jharkhand

Its a God gifted Art and all most all predictions of him for me are coming out true.... God Bless him.... its because of his simplicity and trust has made him successful... he is a master in his field.

Vimala Kajal, Patna

Based on the numerology ur prediction really works, I've experienced it...

Reshmi Swati, Panipat

You are the Savior (of lost n fumbling mankind)... n Rescuer (of stranded souls)!!! Liberation (of soul)... incarnation (of good spirit)... materialization (of noble desires/God's Wishes)!!!! :)

Kanchana Ritika, Bishnupur

Hi sir, I am going to give 2 interviews next week.And its a good offer after wearing your gemstone which you have suggested for me...I positively believe in ur study u done for me.

Ramakrishna Sanjaya, Puducherry

A great astrologer and a best human being, Dr.SS your predictions are accurate and marvelous. Thanks for your time to time guidance. All love

Sanjeev Ramesha, Odisha

I learned more about myself in the hour we spent together than I have in many counseling sessions over the years.
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