Anish Sanjit, Delhi

As a result of Dr SS's insightful and enlightening reading, I understand certain aspects of my "beingness" for the first time. Dr SS helped me recognize that what I always saw as obstacles to be overcome are actually opportunities to be explored and cultivated. Gaining this new perspective has been very liberating!

Pranay Ankur, Madhya Pradesh

My session helped me make sense of out of the recent changes in my life. I felt like I had been dropped into a void, but with SS's interpretation, I feel hopeful.

Jagannatha Raghu, Karaikal

Dr Sengottuvel is a rare and gifted numerologist. His knowledge and interpretation of numbers is profound and insightful. My sessions with him gave me confirmation and tactical information that I could use and build upon in my life. Thanks to Dr Sengottuvel, I am not so much a mystery to me.

Shakuntala Kamini, Ajmer

My numerological reading with Dr Sengottuvel was far more profound and comprehensive than I ever imagined a numerological life overview could be! I've had so many life altering consciousness changes and SS's intuitive clarity was able to connect all the dots for me. He is by far the Intuitive's intuitive and I highly recommend a session with him for anyone who wants some assistance in grasping the bigger picture puzzle and seeing how all the pieces fit together.

Indira Dipali, Punjab

I was looking for help in making the monumental decisions I was trying to come to grips with. The results from my reading with Dr Sengottuvel gave me amazing clarity about my whole life path and also the tools to make concrete decisions from that point forward. I am eternally grateful for this session and true mastership. He is an Angel!

Avani Amrita, Lakshadweep

Reading came at a crucial time for me and I'm so grateful it did. Dr SS is able to funnel huge arrays of wisdom in through the numerological methods he uses. Her practical advice then integrates fluidly with the deeper, timeless truths that come across. As a clinician, I continue to recommend Dr SS to my clients. Thank you Ruth for your delicate casting of the human heart in such beautiful, sensitive strokes!

Rajni Meena, Delhi

Dr Sengottuvel gave me a numerology reading and it was unbelievable. I’ve always had a tad of skepticism about adding up the numbers from your birth date and the letters in your name but he hit it out of the park with me. It was phenomenal, it really was. I was very, very impressed. It was a very accurate reading.

Vivek Subhash, Panipat

The numerology reading I had with Dr Sengottuvel was outstanding. He blew me away with his knowledge of my inner self, my personality, and even the events going on in my life. I highly recommend his services as he made me feel at peace with everything that is currently going on in my life and gave me a sense of excitement about my future!

Aniruddha Arjun, Chhattisgarh

I had a reading with Dr Sengottuvel and he nailed me spot on. He even confirmed that my husband is my soul mate. Numerology is his passion and he LOVES doing readings for people. I was so impressed I even had him on as a guest on my radio show.

Nikhil Kishan, Bihar

My co-host Damian is what you might describe as ‘the world’s most skeptical man’. That was until Dr SS did his ‘numbers’. He completely nailed him and he couldn’t believe the accuracy with which he described him. To be able to teach him a thing or two about himself was a wonder to behold. Well done Dr Sengottuvel.

Ganesha Amrit, Amritsar

There are four of us on the show and we all know each other very well, however Dr Sengottuvel had never met any of us. We were all blown away, one by one, by the accuracy of his readings. We had a lot of fun at the same time. Thanks heaps for that Dr Sengottuvel.

Jaya Asha, Vellore

I was astounded by the accuracy that could be obtained about a person by merely using their name and birth date with regards to Numerology. Some of the things Dr Sengottuvel told me made me do a double take. It was incredible.

Chanda Sharmila, Howrah

What an amazing and inspirational experience, it opened my mind and heart to an ‘anything is possible’ attitude if you really believe in yourself and put that positive energy out there. Sengottuvel’s reading has given me a greater understanding as to why I am the way I am and how I can better myself and my life. My reading was unbelievably accurate and my ‘numbers’ described me to perfection. Sengottuvel’s reading has made me feel more positive and happier than I have felt in a long time. Now I’m excited about my future and are focusing on the amazing people and things I do have in my life, instead of focusing on things I don’t have.
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