Surya Ajeet, Kerala

Thanks to Dr SS there was an emotional outpouring that i simply could not explain, even when i look at it retrospectively. He advice with regard to my has worked amazingly and almost to the last detail ! He has some strange and enviable psychic power and perceptiveness to sense things and look at them in their totality and suggest remedies.

Bhaskar Avinash, Tripura

The manner in which over a phone call he guessed the problem and its feasible solution even now !!! The sessions of healing at his Centre really helped me unclutter and also several problems that were stuck up seemed to surprisingly find their resolution. I must admit that i have been regularly irregular with the practice of several of these techniques that i have learnt from him—my hectic schedule simply leaves me with no time to breathe! But i know that if crisis calls (God forbid!), where i need to turn to for help, advice, guidance and just some great friendly banter!!!

Mani Kshitij, Mumbai

I have known Dr Sengottuvel for the past 7 years and on numerous occasions consulted her regarding my career and the twists life invariably offers. He has this uncanny ability to see through the toughest and the most bizarre situations and i can say for sure that she is on the dot with his readings.

Sanjiv Mahendra, Andhra Pradesh

Many a times he has been bluntly honest but isnt that what we are looking at when we are seeking help. Dr Sengottuvel is not judgemental and has a very gentle approach towards ones predicaments.

Sulabha Rachna, Karnataka

My whole heartedly thanks to Dr SS. Sometimes i am taken aback by the accuracy of clairvoyance and at other times i have refused to accept some things He has said for i had a different take on the situation that were seemingly so different on face value , but only till Dr SS’s words ring true after a few months. phew !!! so far he is the most amazing guide and Numerologist I have ever come across. I wish him all the best and firmly believe that he will go far.

Deepti Meera, Mathura

So far I and my friends have been to many readers healers and practitioners. But Dr Sengottuvel stands out of all of them. The most sincere, genuine and kind gentle person. He helped me see the depth of my problem, told me some things, made me d some remedies and SUDDENLY the worst problems just vanished. Thank you sir.

Rani Kishori, Madhya Pradesh

My husband got a promotion, We were blessed with a child and we started our own business. Family probelems ended. So you did some amazing things which worked, then healing . Many more thanks to Dr SS.

Swarna Anantha, Kerala

This is Pundlik from Bangalore. I have been the believing of your interesting ,motivating and rectifying programme for life. it is your reading brings positive thinking towards life and gives enormous amount of motivation towards the approach for life. your simple solution to major problems in life are really very very acceptable and hope effective for those you implement it. Am here to experience your simple solutions for the issues in life.

Rakesh Madhukar, West Bengal

I have visited you a few years back. your reading was so accurate and amazing. I was blown off.At the time i must admit i was a sceptic. Then few of my friends came. You prescribed me and them remedies. We reluctantly bought those items. To my amazement.

Ravi Purushottam, Karnataka

That also turned out miraculous, the marriage problem of mine. I saw your website and was so happy and thrilled that there is a hope for me also. Thank you for changing my life. You must do a tv show. Do you know you are so good and talented as a spiritual teacher. This is what i call BLESSED. Sir you are awesome. God Bless you.

Rajiv Deodan, Mizoram

There is something about this person. He really transforms a persons life in her reading and name numerology correction session. I attended one of session and it really opened me up. Spiritually im so elevated and have achieved so much thanks to his guidance.

Prasanna Ganesh, Tamil Nadu

He is a great guide, teacher and guru. Also a great person. Very nice man. Always helping someone. I even talked to his staff. They really admire him. While waiting I overheard him making some effort to get someone a job. His efforts and tone was so sincere. All the best to success and hapiness forever. Thank you for really changing my life.

Aditya Brijesh, Gujarat is an awesome numerology site. Very informative. I can relate to everything written on my date of birth. Got a reading on by Dr Sengottuvel and its worked. Thanks People who are stuck in problems should try this
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