Arjuna Ramachander, Karnataka

After consulting him, my long outstanding dispute has settled and my life has improved tremendously. On my request, He consulted more than 15 of my relatives residing in USA and all of them have benefitted from his guidance. I am very grateful to him.

Prakash Narayan, Hyderabad

My business which was going through huge losses started gaining momentum and various family problems got solved! He advised me on many aspect of numerology and name as per numerology and gave me simple steps to follow. Within a very short period of time, I saw positive results in my personal and professional life.

Dhananjay Deodan, Goa

After a long unfruitful search for a matrimonial alliance for my brother, his marriage got fixed quickly after consulting Dr Sengottuvel ! His support has been very help for us. His numerology predictions are very accurate and effective. Thank you!

Sanjeet Harish, Delhi

My life has shown a lot of growth and also my health problems have reduced to a great extent after consulting sengottuvel ji. He has a great insight in the world of numerology and I recommend everyone to consult him for a better life.

Lila Padmini, Mumbai

I have experienced a steady growth in my career and also my personal life has improved extensively after following his advice! I feel blessed to have received her guidance and support.

Ananta Niketa, Indore

After visiting Dr SS and following all the advice given by him I have had an instant and tremendous growth in my career! My professional life had been undergoing a lot of stress and I was advised by a friend to visit Dr SS. He has such great knowledge in Indian numerology. I was delighted to hear from him and will always thank him for helping me in my life.

Mina Shailaja, Telangana

I hope you do remember me. I had come to you in 2008 June and you had done my initial reading. I will be very frank with you that you were the first readering, I had gone to and I did not really have much hope or faith as to the outcome. I still remember your analysis of what I am going through and the steps that you had asked me to do. Thanks for your support

Lakshmana Shashi, Ghaziabad

When I was not in a good shape financially . However, you gave me enough direction to help me turn around my life. After 20 days of meeting you, I got a job which helped me move towards resettling my life. I remember that you had asked me that when I am successful, i will drive in a swanky car and thank you, and you wanted me to bring you a bar of Cadbury’s chocolate.

Ankur Bhaskar, Darjeeling

I went through a lot of turmoil in the end of 2008. I came back to you and realised that there was still a lot of things pending to be done. I got the readings done and things have been so good, I cannot just describe. From being a nobody to running a successful life, is the journey that I have trudged over the months. It was you who made this happen thanks a lot.

Kishor Subhash, Tripura

I never really had the opportunity to say a proper thank you for all the support that you had given me. I have been to a number of astro spiritual helpers and healers, but the single minded focus that you built in my is the single most important factor that has contributed to my personal life in the past few months. I totally accept your view that it is the faith that moves mountains. Faith in ones own self and faith in the guru who advises. It is very much like consulting with a medical practitioner and the cure happens when there is equal amount of faith and self confidence. Thank you once again. I will come and see you along with my wife in the near future to have a reading and also to get some healing.

Sushila Ranjit, Sikkim

I entered the office of Dr SS. The occult and esoteric always fascinate me and i was keen on knowing what numerology was all about. That was also the time when i was battling intense personal dilemmas in life–both on the professional and personal front. I was at crossroads really and that is seriously such a helpless feeling! It was all possible to win over the situation with your numerology reading. Happy day sir.

Manju Lata, Jhalawar

While friends and family are great souces of support, in terms of advice and suggestions that they give, i think they would be unable to get to the root of the problem and help “sort” it out. This is where, i feel, a taking a holistic view of a problem and solving it in its totality–causal and effect–rather than treat it symptomatically, helps. This has been the greatest role that Sheela has helped play in my life.

Radha Kunti, Ghazipur

The reading session, which i entered into with all my left brain scepticism and doubts intact, is another matter ! There were some very practical suggestions and solutions that he offered to me then that helped me cope with at least some of the issues i was facing. Very soon, The first session is something i can never forget. During the attunement session, i remember oodles and oodles of negative energies just being flushed out of me.
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