Mohini Jyoti, Jharkhand

My readings with Dr.SS are exciting and important in my life. Dr.SS expertly guides me through my ‘numbers’; what they mean and how they work through my life events. Every 6 to 8 weeks I reconnect with Dr.SS to recap my experiences and how those adventures are integral to my life’s purpose. Dr.SS provides me with a focused framework on what to expect for events that are coming into my life and strategies on how to handle or direct those occurrences in order for me to move ahead in fulfilling my life’s purpose. Personally, I find Numerology readings with Dr.SS more important than Astrology readings in that Dr.SS provides concrete and useful information that guides me on my path. I highly recommend having your Numerology chart mapped by Dr.SS.

Jayant Buddha, Gaya

Hello, Dr.SS. I just wanted to say thank you for talking with my husband tonight. After talking with you he called me and he really seemed to be happy with the conversation he had with you. You always seem to put a calm feeling over someone and everyone when you talk with them. You are a healer did you know that??

Amala Dipti, Chandigarh

Dont try to keep up with his verbalizations, he moves quickly because he is in the moment. So Just Be while he speaks, and feel free to laugh and enjoy his presentation. His work is an expression of bliss I think. He is also very direct.

Ankita Archana, Chennai

Talked 2 Sengottuvel bhaiya 2day...he is a great soul, Like him i'm also intrestd in occult and spirituality...he guided me a now i'm on a new journey thanks bhaiya..i really dnt knw hw to thank u.. Padharo mahare des sengottuvel ji

Vimala Sharma, Kolkata

R u numrologist or magician? tere se baat kar k hi aadi problem solve ho jaati hai... thanx!

Meera Sulabha, Nagaur

Hi Sir, good to read ur popularity...woh toh hogi na .. u r wonderful and down to earth person after so much of name and fame too...

Jyoti Madhuri, Amritsar

Making predictions in the face of unseemingly odds against it happening is the hallmark of a an accomplished Palmist/Astrologer/Numerologist "Going with the flow" may win you some favour for awhile, But beware of following the cues of the client does not work in practical life because he does not know what is ahead of him. This is why he consults with you in the first place. Well done Dr.Sengottuvel Ji

Neha Kajal, Odisha

when i am settled with all my work,etc., i will defn bring you here in Kenya for numerology and astrology, quite impressed with your predictions,Great......coz in Kenya we dont have accurate and honest numerologists and astrologers..

Pankaj Mahesh, Jaipur

I have consulted many all wrong ideas and stuff but when i consulted Vedant Sharmaa believe me the most helpful and honest person i can vouch for my suggestion consult him if you havent as yet and your life will change

Sanjeet Mayur, Puri

Good to know a wonderful person like u .. And also a famous personality did not know I am in contact with such a great person feels great

Mahesh Gopinath, Chennai

U r a hope to many's life.... Thank you

Jyothi Pravin, Bangalore

Actually you shall celebrate ur birthday everyday as you light the lifes of ur friends everyday..

Yamuna Roshanara, Thrissur

Everythng cums at cost....and those whu get beniftd frm occult like me belive that its priceless, we nver thnk b4 paying a doctor then why astro or numerologists are nt supposed to charge, And i knw Sengottuvel bhaiya charges nothing in comparison to other famus people in this feild..there are people who charge 10,000 per person and later they dnt even respond to ur call and say deposit 7,000 one more tîme to get benifited...and they even call numerology...

Seema Dipika, Delhi

U r very accurate n genuine sir..Keep it up,I couldn't meet u this time due to my work!but will definitely meet u next time. God Bless..Good Luck

Nalini Kaveri, Coimbatore

To All My Friends this is true no doubt about it i have tried and yes for all your issues numerology works and this is the right man Dr.Sengottuvel believe me it works..
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