Brahma Sanjiv, Allahabad

Past one year 3 months had been the most toughest for me to re-begin my life and in settling down. But after your guidance life seemed to be very smooth and in action. Sometimes I feel magic winds are playing all over the environment and specially my surroundings. Thank you for the miracles. God bless you and my best wishes are always there that you rise and shine high.

Malati Shashi, Dehradun

I really enjoy working with you Dr.Sengottuvel. You have such a balanced and intuitive nature. You put my mind and heart at ease, and came up with some great ideas for me to look at as far as my business is concerned. I’m anxious to put the money spread into action and see what happens.

Pratap Prabhakara, Kolkata

What a wonderful experience. You have given me direction, insight and confirmation. With authentic, kindness and compassion you brought me valuable information, so I may move forward toward a happier and fulfilling life. I look forward to working with you in the future. Again, Thank You Dr.SS!

Devi Manisha, Rajgarh

You r powerhouse of astrology....I am happy to see that young guys are getting into astrology , this is very important to keep this rocking science alive for generations to come.

Arya Abha, Maharashtra

Hi sir,as u predicted that i will get my PR before 16th july...u.were 1000% correct...i yesterday...thanx to u..n god bless u...

Pallab Sujay, Karnataka

I got my visa, And also job as u said I wil get before 10april Nd I got 3 jobs, thank you.

Arjun Nitin, Garhwa

Thanks Dr.SS, for the interaction, nice of u to have taken time off to talk. Feeling really positive after talking to u

Usha Indrani, Tamil Nadu

Goodafternoon, Just gone through your website,felt to congratulate you for the big work.All the best.

Lalita Nilima, Karauli

If i would have a been director i should have given you offer for hero in aashiqui 3, you are such a genius, thank you so much ji..

Lalit Shrinivas, Meghalaya

Dear Mr Sengottuvel,Thank you very much for your exhaustive reading. Your efforts and knowledge is classapart that goes without saying and is appreciated.

Vipul Shantanu, Dimapur

Sengottuvel Ji is a joy giver,sweet to all !! i wish god gives him best of everything!! people are lucky,who knows u..

Kapila Baldev, Lawngtlai

U have many colours in your personality...modern pandit ji...
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