Chandra Venkat, Pondicherry

U do know everyone u do readings for, r people linked from ur pastlife. Its a soul recognition thing... I needed guidance u provided it.. thank u very much for ur help once a mother I send u blessings,for great achievements with ur work...

Mahavira Chandan, Punjab

I don't have words to express my Admiration and Gratitude for you. Your predictions, the level of empathy you show to each one of your clients is astounding. I have met NOT many people like yourself, least to say a numerologist! One can find many numerologist, online and elsewhere but very few with a rapport like you. I'm so glad and thankful to God that our paths met. Thanks for all the help, the care and the rocking predictions you made. In such a short span of time, I must say heartful thank you..

Swapna Vijay, Tripura

It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial for DR.Sengottuvel. I have been a client of Dr.SS for several years now. In fact, I schedule sessions with Dr.SS every 6-8 weeks! I find his insights and intuition to be exceptional and invaluable. For me, Numerology readings with Dr.SS provide concrete guidance regarding my life’s purpose and actions I need to take. I grasp the insights that Dr.SS provides, and overlay those insights with my existing impressions of my life. With Dr.SS’s assistance, I find that I move forward into my future with greater balance, clarity and purpose.

Padmini Nilam, Ghazipur

Thank you Sir... It was a long awaited meeting and finally I got to meet you. You are a truly blessed soul with the celestial all around you. God Bless

Ila Roshanara, Udaipur

Thanks for your advice.The milestones you're achieving on the path to success are amazing! Good luck and God Bless with all your endeavours.

Anjali Nila, Nagaland

Guruji let me tell you frankly when I saw your picture I remembered your Mom and her dreams. You have lived upto her dreams. She will really Bless you.

Pran Kailash, Meghalaya

Iam so happy for you i have watched you grow and soar to high places / you never gave up / and im proud to be your friend

Sujay Lochan, Manipur

Right now I am in london. this time I am trying to settled down here. lets see whether I will be success or not. but ur prediction really works in my life. I never loose an opportunity to read ur prediction. thanks

Arya Duleep, Aurangabad

Hello sir All the prediction done by u is absolutely 1000% correct. I have cracked CHFI and CCIE certification together with great results and your prediction about my foreign tour was also correct as I have just returned today from Australia,an official tour organised by our company.So only one thing I wanna tell that your all prediction were absolutely correct. I apprciate ur hard work and feeling very lucky the person like you as my "guru". Nice job keep it up....!

Madhavi Pratibha, Thiruvananthapuram

Your prediction is perfect, i got my PR after 5 years struggle and one more good news is that i am expecting now as u predicted.

Shashi Dipali, Indore

I am very glad to have you and very proud of you. Thank you so much for all your help.

Gita Rina, Bokaro

Good morning...your predictions are absolutely correct. My relationship is finished with XYZ.
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