Chiranjeevi Mohandas, Andhra Pradesh

“Dr.SS’s work is unique and accurate. Using Cosmic Numerology,Dr.SS’s insights into the “cause and effect” relationship between our behaviors and our health issues creates a new healing paradigm.”

Sarala Sanjana, Assam

Cosmic Numerology lends understanding to the connection between spiritual/energetic characteristics and psychological/physical manifestations. In his reading, Know Your Self, Heal Your Self, Dr.SS has brought the abstract and mystical into plain view and explained the maladies that plague humankind in easily-understood concepts. A useful guide for all.

Rama Madhava, Udupi

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I What you were able to do was truly fascinating - you have a fine talent for your craft. It was so wonderful to hear those who called in to speak with you say over and over - ' got it bang on..' It's so rare to hear such immediate praise in situations like that. Anyway, just thought it was fabulous .. you really brightened their days. Keep it up!

Vasu Damodar, Patiala

Hi Dr.SS, Here is good news.... I passed my exam and achieved score wht I need for PR... Many Thanks to you..

Brijesh Pallab, Rajasthan

Dr.SS at this tender age is adept in numerology... Its a God gifted Art and all most all predictions of him for me are coming out true.... God Bless him.... its because of his simplicity and trust has made him successful... he is a master in his field.

Gopinatha Isha, Kerala

You're brilliant doctor in Numerology sir..

Narayana Ratan, Mysore

Mr.Sengottuvel, i was invited to this crucial presidential debate,Thanks to you and also for making me change my name.

Madhuri Indu, Sonipat

Yes ,u are a gr88 astrologer ,I belive...ur numerology science too and get gr88 impact in my life.

Amala Aditi, Kerala

U r the BEST because you are understanding and practical. God Bless!

Rahul Madhukar, Jalandhar

Numerology just is so accurate..i am just being blown away by this, u r blessed to know this subject upto such detail..

Gopal Ramesh, Cuddalore

Thanks Bro I Got Some Special Offer After Ur All Help Ty For All..

Sushil Vasant, Manipur

Thanks sir...thanks a ton I read ur all prediction ,they are too accurate

Parvati Yamuna, Shimoga

I don't have much knowledge about this mythology sir, but you being a very positive friend everytime I gained knowledge through you. Thanks
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