Amrita Maya, Malappuram

“The website works great! Everything is clear and presented effectively. You bring numerology to life… a masterful presentation and vehicle for sharing this wisdom!”

Prabhakar Jai, Chhatarpur

Dr.SS has read my numerology on two different occasions, both for me and my husband. His understanding and knowledge combined with his compassionate nature brings to light the depth of wisdom to be found in this most ancient of Arts.

Leela Vidya, Udhampur

Thanks Dr.SS for unraveling my life! Numerology has shed so much light on where my struggles came from. Now I feel I'm working with the grain instead of against it. I'm kinder on myself and as a result of that knowledge, I'm kinder on those around me which has had a positive snowball effect. Thanks again, I can't believe the load lifted from me.

Indu Dipika, Bangalore

I feel surprised! I feel amazing! I can feel the energy! After couple of months of changing my Visiting Card Design as per numerology and taking predictions for health and prosperity.

Seema Kshitija, Ranchi

We wholeheartedly thank Dr.SS for sharing us such a wonderful powers & filling us with lots of positive energies, as a result we are feeling the changes in our business and finding the vast progress .I have personally recommended his vastu and Numerology services my friends and relatives. You too can try it with complete confidence.

Padmini Shyama, Solapur

Dr.SS is a straight forward and an accurate person. He helped me look at things more clearly and plan for my betterment. I have always known the power of colour, but after meeting Dr.SS, I have started making an effort to use the colours that are best for me and avoid the ones that aren't.I truly wish him all the very best...May he continue touching the lives of people with the therapeautic power of colour.

Vena Vidya, Nilgiris

Hatssss of to you sir and thank you lots for ur dedications.

Aparajita Reena, Kerela

I am really amazed by the numerology and astrological work you do. I really get thrilled with your predictions.

Brahma Murali, Kalpetta

i got gud result in my licensure exam like wat u predictd b4. thanks!

Siddhartha Sashi, Andhra Pradesh

Awesome Buddy....bahut badhiya..its a delight watching u with so many big guns of different industries.keep it up.IT rocks.

Swarna Manjula, Kannur

u have solved big problem of my life today.thanx a ton Sengottuvel ji.thanks a lot for your precious time & guidance

Padma Rachna, Mysore

Hi Sir, nice talking to yo you ,, thanks.always feels good after talking to you.
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