If your house, bed, office and office chair is facing in a good direction you will get positive results otherwise you have to face ill health & monitory problems.

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Features of General Plan

  1. Your Date of Birth will be taken for calculation to find out your Lucky Direction
  2. Lucky Direction will be selected based on Basic System of Numerology

Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy?
A You can get your Lucky Direction

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Features of Direction Analysis



Numerology calculation applied Basic System Advanced System
Date of Birth taken for Number Selection btn-tick btn-tick
Astrology calculation applied
Based on Horoscope planetary combination, conjuctions & aspects btn-no btn-tick
Based on Birth Rashi (moon sign) vibration btn-no btn-tick
Based on Lagna (Ascendant) vibration btn-no btn-tick
Based on Planetary strength impact btn-no btn-tick
Based on Planetary weakness impact btn-no btn-tick

Lucky Direction Selection

As per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology point of view your office direction, your chair direction, your facing direction is very much important.

If your house is facing in good direction, you will be happy in that house; likewise your office also.

At the time of sleeping your head is in wrong direction, you will get sick, and life will be short.

If your office, office chair and house direction is in wrong direction as per “Sengs Systems” of Numerology you will face lot of problems in life.

House Plot:

If you want to buy a house plot, house plot facing direction should be match with your date of birth. Then only you will construct the building over there. If the house plot direction is not match with your date of birth you will get lot of problems in the life.

For Consultancy ( “Sengs Systems” of Numerology )

I need the following details from you to find the Lucky Direction.

  • Your original Date of Birth
  • Your Birth Time
  • Your Birth Place / Country
  • Your Present Full Name
  • Calling Name
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