Ravi Prem, Haryana

I just adore you! I think you are brilliant! I first saw you on North West Afternoon. I have your Numerology Readings and really enjoyed it. You made a lot of sense. And I enjoyed your humor/personality! Which of course you make it fun. To me you are the Guru of Numerology.Thanks again

Rachna Jayanti, Arunachal Pradesh

I got the Numerology breakdown from you today. I must tell you I am very impressed with it. For instance, I am a 5 Lifepath and you said I would make a good pilot, flight attendant or travel agent. Well, I actually spent 6 years as a travel agent, 11 years as a flight attendant and 12 years as a professional pilot. It really blew me away. Not to mention the whole thing was right on. I will spread the word of your talents and hopefully find more business for you. Keep up the good work and fun show.

Sudhir Sekar, Bhojpur

Just a quick note to tell you how Fabulous U R!!! You are 100% right about Numerology being much easier and more accurate then Astrology. I bought your readings after seeing you and listening to you on several times. I want to Thank You so much, it's GREAT!!!

Jayendra Dhaval, Amritsar

I increased my business considerably and now I am getting almost one new order finalized everyday. Now I feel the new happiness and prosperity.

Nishant Sekar, Udaipur

I am the person who believe prosperity comes only by hardwork, but this numerology made so much of changes that I have started believing that such energies are required to be more success full in business and life.

Swati Roshanara, Uttarakhand

Your predictions are amazingly correct for me. Thank u Dr.SS. Love n blessings

Shyamala Dipti, Kanpur

Thanks for everything, U rock bhaiyaa..

Jyothi Nilima, Karnataka

Thanks for all ur support during difficult times,u know i nw got satisfactory job in SBI Funds management, Thank you.

Shankar Prem, Chennai

Thank u so mcuh yaar, mazaa aa gayaa.. the way u predicted..

Sanjaya Nagendra, Hyderabad

U r so gud u have master mind i m lucky to have a friend like u who is great personality.

Jayendra Sanjeev, New Delhi

Tusi GR8 ho Sengottuvel pandit ji

Nikhil Shrinivas, Cudappah

Oho wahhh pandit ji cha gaye ... Sengottuvel sir, really you changed my life too thank you so much to become my friend and special thank to you..
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