Shri Manjusha, Delhi

Hello Sengottuvel Bhai, as per ur numerology predecition my lucky days are 3 6 9 12 21 30 6 15 24 9 18 27 and lucky days tuesday, thursday and friday....last week i had been for an interview on 12th February tuesday and got confirmation for the job on friday which was 15th february.....i have been following all the remedies and do's and dont's suggested by you and i can see the positive changes coming in my way....Thanks a lot bhai...u rock

Madhu Prabhu, Belgaum

Thanx Bro for your guidance,prediction,name change.I got promotion in job & new car.also thanx for guidance on colour of car & number plate.

Sheela Manisha, Ranchi

Yeah, before i didn't understood the meaning of ASTRO N NUMEROLOGY AS WELL, but now i'm looking the Great Influences of it, IT'S greatly influenced,(not completely- coz everything is link up as PERCIEVERANCES, Hard-Work, Timing n Direction, etc things ) are also req.. but, it do hv it's own IMPACT, i hv observed it in past few weeks !

Navin Akhil, Karaikal

We are happy to say that the service rendered by Dr.SS Ji is excellent I want to share my experience through this testimonial is that when first I met Dr.SS Ji, Being a Inspire chapter I exchanged my card with him after seeing my card he said that you are working very hard but your returns are very very less it is hundred present true, He asked me to modify my visiting card as per his direction I changed my card after a week of that here was a miracle in my office my client called me and asked me to collect retention amount which was over due by two and half year.He is also a Personal Vastu Expert in solving the personal problems by knowing the date of Birth, according to his advised as per vastu doing that we are very happy and my wife is not getting bad dreams in sleep.I strongly recommend one and all to go through his service and lead a peaceful life.Sengottuvel  ji is Our Energy Doctor, Ohhno, to aahhhhhhhh to wow..

Govind Chiranjivi, Vishakhapatnam

As an entrepreneur, Dr.SS’s reading  have become a part of my planning tool. Utilizing this information, which is specific to me, I plan all my events for maximum results. This information could never be obtained from generic horoscope readings.

Prabhakar Mayur, Manipur

I like the way u do numerology on various aspects.

Duttz chitraa, Nagaland

Yes Ur Guidence always valuable for me.Dutta Chitra to Duttz chitraa ka safar...,Now positive effects and get venus effect too.My Life was struggling phase and Now I am feeling Cool, I make always positive with my positivity, and ur change in my name give me fruitful results,Yes U r right...I feel numerology effects in life...thanks Sengottuvel ji.

Duleep Rajiv, Maharashtra

Human computer hai kya??? kitna kuch karta hai bhai???? U r truly amazing.

Meera Arundhati, Mathura

Holloywood can hear the best numerologist of whole world......

Pallav Brijesh, Mysore

You are an Epic person who gives correct direction & guidance.

Sunil Amit, Nagpur


Rohan Chandrakant, Perambalur

I am feeling such a shift in my energy after getting rid of my old name..don't know what it is but feels so so positive..

Mira Kishori, Gangtok

Congrats sir...iam very happy for have worked so deserve all good things.
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