Naveen Skanda, Meghalaya

I cannot thank you enough for the great advice and guidance you have given me. I realize there are two paths I could take and both would give us success, but my greatest intuitive urging is to go with M. for life purpose-A pioneer/leader/teacher for inspiring humanity globally.

Prabhu Raj, Pondicherry

Just a quick note to say thank you for a most wonderful session. I feel quite 'expanded' with some interesting avenues to start exploring. I feel Ihave grown/transformed into someone quite different than the person I was before the session, and I feel wonderful! I shall go now for a walk along the beach to settle my thoughts before I get back to some work.

Rajneesh Mahesha, Odisha

Thanks for the consultation. I now feel like I have the clarity to move forward with gusto and execute. In fact, when I woke up to check my email, I receved your report and It was so accurate.

Shailaja Rajkumari, Andhra Pradesh

Thank you again for the excellent consultation this morning. It was worth three times your fee (at least). I expected to walk away with greater knowledge, however, the meeting far surpassed that. And my expectations are high! My personal life and business are sure to benefit. You have a true gift; thanks for sharing it.

Kausalya Asha, Kerala

Hi Dr Sengottuvel, I am sooooooo happy! I made my big leap three weeks ago into my new life and the domestic violence transition house. I have support everywhere. Please feel free to put my comments on your website. The one area that your readings and forecast has helped me with the most is certainty...beforeI was always filled with uncertainty. I have had astrology readings done in the past but your program is so insightful. WOW!

Preeti Shakti, Tamil Nadu

Thank you, this report is absolutely fantastic and I'm ready to take the next leap. Talk to you on the 24th. My spirit and soul aligns with this openly. It's like this is everything I thought a therapist would help me with.

Nishant Jitendra, Meghalaya

Received and printed my Baby's numerology report. Thank you again for your swift and helpful attention. Many thanks. P.S. These reports are very insightful and useful. They are worth it!!!

Nikhil Sanjay, Bihar

I just wanted to share a tidbit with you…. Since my son was little, I have kept on making sure he had many opportunities to develop his ability – through. As the years passed, he excelled in the field but went on to teach himself. Thank you for giving me the chance to take a sneak peek into his future. I am grateful to have found ways to help him grow that I otherwise would not pay special attention to.

Kavi Dilip, Jharkhand

I must tell you I am blown away to go back and reread the old Reading and see a lot come to fruition. My hope is that my daughter will follow his path and achieve his heart’s desire. And I hope I have helped her along a little bit. Thanks for your reading for us.

Mukta Lila, Jammu and Kashmir

I ordered primary life readings for myself and my son in 2013. I totally forgot about them until I did some cleaning up last month and found them in an old box in the storage. I reread them and my son's and it is amazing to see (specially my son's) how accurate it has been.

Vasuda Kashi, Arunachal Pradesh

Thank you, I received the reading. I am impressed. It describes about my child. I am a professor of philosophy and religion and my approaches involve sociology and anthropology. The reading says outright in the first paragraph all strong characteristics. They were all predicted in the reading. Amazing! I wish I could have come to know you earlier, but I guess we all have our life lessons and everything is perfect timing in our life.

Trishna Deepali, Delhi

Thank you for the primary life reading I received recently. Without the encouragement the reading provided, I am sure I would have spent several more weeks wondering what to do next.

Anila Sandhya, Sikkim

I was in the midst of something that I didn't know what it was. I started looking for books to help me overcome the problem, and therapy too. Your reading has been extraordinary. It was exactly was I was looking for.
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