Sashi Radha, Namakkal

It felt odd and hard at first to admit to myself that it was not a backward step, but a one forward. Everything seems to be on track again, and each day I am feeling more and more synchronocity filtering back into my business. Sincerely, thank you so* much.

Vasuda Madhuri, Varanasi

I enjoyed our conversation yesterday afternoon. It felt really good to finally understand what my purpose is. It's so simple. I always thought it had to be something complicated. And now, I feel so at peace knowing that I am on track.

Manjusha Mira, Kolkata

I received my numerology reading from you yesterday and I am verypleased with it. Thank you for doing such a detailed and thorough job! And, ofcourse, it is amazing how accurate it is.

Madhu Ratan, Uttarakhand

I had to smile and nod as I read over past Transition Periods. For the most part, I have been very aware of my soul setting about on its path, and to see it in writing was very comforting. And as I am right on target with big changes in my life, it was reassuring to see that I am still on the right path.

Ashok Narayana, Hyderabad

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how profound your readings have been for me. Extreme heartedly thanks for your service.

Rakesh Deo, Pondicherry

I wanted to let you know some great news .... I just landed a job wih a good company here in Seattle. I start tomorrow! I'm excited and so grateful [for our session] last week.

Rakesh Deo, Pondicherry

I am moved to connect with you. Your discoveries and techniques are amazing and life-altering. I have been in pain for most of my life,,,and had never found a proper guidance I am inspired. Thank you.

Nikita Lavanya, Aurangabad

Thank you so much for a fabulous first session. I truly enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next meeting.

Shreya Gowri, Vishakhapatnam

Greetings from Tulsa! All kinds of things are going on over here. A quick update - I had made my peace with my current job and am doing really well in sales - I can sell products! I am ready to move on though, want to thank YOU for helping me make this all possible! Hopefully soon.

Akhil Shankara, Madhya Pradesh

When Life Changes, or You Wish it Would. This numerology reading has been absolutely life-changing for me. It has been my own personal Bible over the last year. I honestly have to say I'm not the same person I was two years ago. I'm a more grounded person. I just had to convey my deepest thanks to you. I wanted you to know how much your message has helped me, and how powerful it's been in my life.

Sanjiv Jagdish, Haryana

I got the two numerology reports I ordered from you. They were both really, really good, I was impressed at how accurate they were. A friend of mine liked my reading so much, he ordered one as well! So thank you - the report has helped me to clarify a few issues in my mind.

Kalidas Shrinivas, Assam

Thank you so much for the wonderful day yesterday. All I can say is that individually my mom, daughter, and sister-in-law all said to me that they thought they had gotten the most out of the workshop. It brought out really important issues. Thank you.

Chandan Girish, Rajasthan

Just a short note to let you know the effect and support I found from your services- over in the United Kingdom. I hated my job and really had to escape from a nasty toxic work environment... before moving into the "The return" phase of my life. thank for being real.
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