Kshitija Lilavati, Madhya Pradesh

I love that you pointed out my "racket" to me; your simple comment that I do the same thing with men that I did with my parents ("they're too uptight; they don't get me") completely opened my mind. My approach to getting out and having fun has completely shifted to a more positive, open-hearted, lighter attitude. Now that I have the attitude, I can't wait to actually start meeting people!

Rajkumari, Tamil Nadu

By the way, I did the numerology reading for my older daughter - it was awesome! Not only was it right on, but it has given her permission to acknowledge and own her many gifts and move forward with them, not diminish their value. It also pointed out an infrequent but annoying tendency she has to sometimes be self-righteous, but she could never hear that from me. Maybe now she will be more aware... I also gave her the parent form in the hopes that it will help her work out some of her issues...

Shyamala Ananta, Mangalore

First of all, I want to thank you for the telephone session we did last month. I have remembered things you said over and over, and really feel it was beneficial to me. It felt like a course correction, not that I was way off course, but just off enough to give me a bumpy ride. Since the session, my life has been flowing beautifully, full of synchronicities all over the place, and one discovery just leads me to the next--no resistance!

Padmavati Aradhana, Wayanad

I keep thinking about your advice to finish "unfinished business" in my life in the next few months, and find that your words have motivated me to take action in some areas where I really needed to. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I received many blessings from the session, and am very grateful that I found you.

Naveen Rohit, Karaikal

I am over the numerology reading. Very interesting reading and explains quite a few things I have been struggling with lately.

Bharat Ganesha, Udaipur

Thanks for the reading and e-mail.I haven't finished reading it yet- it's scary how close it is to my character!

Jai Chiranjivi, Andhra Pradhesh

Thank you Dr Sengottuvel !! After 5 years of toiling in the field, I know what I am: I am a strategist and a network builder: a Vision Doctor. I help people figure out where they want to go and how to get there. I think you are an extraordinarily gifted person. I feel untold gratitude for your coming into my life.

Anita Roshan, Kerala

Thank you so much for the enlightening reading. I am truly amazed. I can see so much of myself in the reading already. It is like you were unobtrusively observing my life, even during childhood, and documenting the observations and results...perhaps before the events occurred. I have read it thoroughly several times, and every time I say to myself: yes, yes, that is me...!

Lata Dipika, Meghalaya

You and your presentation, have made an immediate, positive difference in my life by offering a way for me stay above the fine line between "woe is me" and "I have a life!" I needed that reinforcement and got way more than I anticipated in attending two of the three classes. You are truly a blessing.

Nirupama Shweta, Karnataka

Yesterday, I started reading The Numerology. I knew very little about numerology, and my pre-judgment of it was that it seemed random and too simplistic to be taken seriously. After reading your introduction and about "myself" I am fully intrigued. I found the description of my Birthpath to contain an amazing level of accurate detail. I am a Seven Birthpath -"absent-minded professor, fussy eater, not easily assimilated in a crowd (and thus worried about being misunderstood)" - that's me. When I was calculating my husband's number, I first made a math error, and was puzzled by how inaccurate his was. Then, when I got the math right., your description of him was perfect. He is a One Birthpath, and yes, we did meet on a college campus.

Duleep Shahrukh, Pune

The Reading & Forecasts program is like a dream come true. It's a wonderful tool to the inner workings of life. I am looking forward to the rest of your programs.

Saral Sanjeev, Gujarat

I have read your numerology reading. Your work is awesome and you guys are terrific!!!! Look forward to receiving and working with the professional one.

Kumara Ranjit, Delhi

First of all, I would like to say thank you for the wonderful customer service that you provide. It is rare for a company in this day and time to provide such personal contact with their customers.
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