Shakuntala Shanti, Telangana

I just reading my numerology forecast, and I found it interesting that I have actually been doing what it said for thepast week! I have paid more attention to my personal appearance this week to feel better about myself. I have recently started my direct sales business again, and felt that I needed a boost in my self confidence.

Jyoti Anika, Punjab

Being in a time of deep personal change, your reading has helped me to make sense of the many thoughts and contemplations that have been swirling in my mind... Often, as I read your book I have moments of "Aha, this is exactly what I have been feeling," or "Yes, this makes sense to me." Thank you, thank you, thank you, for being you, and for numerology.

Sheela Yamuna, Kozhikode

I received all my readings. Thank you. They are simply amazing.... "uncanny" is the only word I can use to describe them! The thing I thought was almost more amazing than the accuracy of our readings was the fact that even my left-brained, very traditional husband was astounded by them.

Dhananjay Girish, Tripura

I want to let you know how much you have helped me - especially "When Life Changes." In my darkest moments of fear and doubt, ask you for guidance, and always open to the page with the message I need right then. that are like trusted friends to me, and your works are am ong them! A hearty and sincere thanks.

Ramachandra Sundara, Hyderabad

I've read my Primary Life Readings twice and it describes me and my dreams so perfectly Until I read your reports I was pretty sceptical of numerology, but everything you said either confirmed what I 'know' or made perfect sense so I thought I'd try it out. I get it now. Thanks for providing another step in my evolution!

Siddhi Reshmi, Kerala

I left my hectic and stressful high-tech marketing job, to focus on taking care of myself and to enjoy the fruits of a successful career. Going down that new path, I originally heard about Dr Sengottuvel, and his service. They are a great complement to the Life Coaching ...and a numerology report. It gave a correct way of doing it.

Amrita Indrani, Varanasi

I graduated from the JFK Coaching Certification Program in May of 2010. Dr SS listens deeply, is focused and supportive and creates a sacred space of intimacy and trust. He is warm, charming, bright, authentic and uses intuitive tools extremely effectively. His high level of education and vast life experience are gifts that he draws from and shares generously with his clients. Believes that all things are possible and I have seen miracles in my life as a result of being his client.

Rajkumari Kausalya, Tamil Nadu

I wanted to let you know what a profound effect our interactions have had on me in the longer term.... The inspiration I received and some of the techniques I learned continue to be of help to me.

Prasad Rajnish, Yanam

Although it took several months to absorb, their was something you said during my numerology reading that has really become central to my understanding of myself and life past events, that is the truth that I am a "visionary/nurturer". I have come to realize that that is an absolutely accurate description of my inner self. Thanks for your grace.

Rama Narayan, Perambalur

Thanks for reading to the effect has been to align myself more thoroughly with what drives me, and understand what has driven me in the past. I have come truly to place of self -acceptance. I find that if someone doesn't support those qualities in me, I no longer ferociously question myself. I am on the right track and coming up with creative ways to express this essential nature in the world.

Narendra Vishal, Bangalore

I just wanted to say thank you so much. I have read so many spiritual and self-help books, but yours has meant more to me and helped me more than those book that I've ever read. I have given it to numerous friends as gifts and I have recommended it to anyone who, like me, was down on their luck or needed a little help in this world. have deeply affected my life. I will be eternally grateful.

Ranjeet Anil, Mumbai

I would just like to say a simple Thank you, for having helped me through one of the darkest and most confusing periods of life so far.

Madhur Akhil, Sikkim

I was living in London, and had dropped out of art school, as I was not enjoying it at all, and felt I was serving no real, precious purpose. I had no idea what I would do next. As each day passed, I felt the confusion taking over, and the lonliness. Excuse me saying this but, your voice was almost like a beacon of light shining through the darkest of nights. Thanks to Dr Sengottuvel to know the real truth behind my name.
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