Manju Ankita, Ranchi

Hello! The emails all arrived, and I have downloaded and read them with no mishaps. Thank you for such excellent programs. Sincerely,

Lila Padmavati, Tiruvannamalai

Dr. Sengottuvel, your advice regarding me, was a life saver. Thank you so much. My husband and I didn't know which way to turn anymore. We must have spent over much on therapy in the last 3 years. Your reading told us more than we had learned in 3 years. We are very grateful and we have recommended you to many of our friends.

Jyotsana Amita, Manipur

I would highly recommend your readings. It's extremely fair priced, very accurate, and more complete than any other program I have seen. Dr Sengottuve is great to deal with and very helpful. The Readings are very detailed and in-depth and everyone who receives one is definitely pleased from first site of them.

Maya Esha, Shajapur

Hi, just letting you know that I did receive my readings today. Thanks. Thank you so much for any help you could give me. Oh and you have a really neat program, you're right it is different and better then the others, wish I had found your web site sooner. Bye. Have a happy New Year.

Archana Draupadi, Shimla

Thanks! By the way, I just love your numerology reading! I ran one off for my son and he said it was excellent and wanted me to run one off for his friend, which he said was right on. I searched for a year for a good program and I felt yours was the best I could find. GOOD WORK! Sincerely,

Azad Lalit, Sonipat

I don't believe in any one of these pseudo sciences, but my wife gave me a reading done with you. I have to admit, I don't know how you do it, but you got me right on. Not only that, I feel reading it helped me confront some issues I always knew where holding me back. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart: Thank you very much.

Vipul Mahesha, New Delhi

I am impressed with your readings. Thank you so much. It is very unusual to get this kind of service anymore.

Sandeep Akhil, Assam

I would like to add my praise to the already long list of individuals appreciative of your work. The personal reading and compatibility reading I received from you are uncannily accurate. I have never encountered a personality assessment with as much precision, depth and helpful information for myself and for my relationships. I have no doubt that my life has been changed significantly for the better due to the new insights I have gained from your readings. Thank you very much.

Hari Mahesha, Bilaspur

We have ordered some readings and recommended it to friends too, and we are all so very, very satisfied with the readings - they are really great. Now we want many more - for all of our families and friends. Thanks a lot and Love,

Priti Meera, Mathura

I recently finished reading your Numerology Report; Key To Your Inner Self. Wow. What a great reading it is. Your reading saved me from dropping numerology altogether. Yes it is real me what I am. Thank you.

Jayanti Sitara, Bhandara

I was hesitant to order a numerology reading. However, my friend Ariel raves about you, so I did order for reading. Congratulations sir. I am not easily impressed, especially with computerized reports. I don't know how you did it, but your reading pretty much blew me away. I sensed in your reports intelligence, a deep understanding of numerology, and real integrity. It is hard to believe your reports.

Pallavi Madhuri, Madurai

Just want you to know I received the reading on Saturday. Thanks for getting them here so quickly!. My wife and read the reports. Especially about me. We are moving to a townhouse right next door to where we are now. We did both addresses and were surprised at the results.
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