Indira Sona, Haridwar

I have been blessed with a good and understanding husband - we are a happily married couple for the past 25 years. This is despite a highly stressful career for him, he is Marketing in a corporate company. Eight years ago, he fell into a rough patch with his boss for a short time. It got solved within a few weeks. But during this strain, he somehow got addicted to both smoking and alcoholism. He refused any type of counselling or treatment. Slowly it become a big block in our marital relationship. In January, 2005 I had the opportunity to meet you through a well wisher of mine. On consultation, you recommended a Personal Name Alteration for him. I accepted. You did for solving this problem. How right you were ! In this 8th month, I am happy to tell you that my husband is now through and out of both the problems fully and without any sort of side effects. Miracles do happen, thanks to you !

Anil Jaidev, Howrah

Hello sir, You are genius , your all prediction done to me is absolutely going in correct way. Today I got 5 yrs of work visa of Canada after a long time struggle as u predicted to get it before September.I dont know what to say but only I know is that you are really to god gifted "Guru" send by our almighty god.Thanx for saving my life and given me a hope to come out from dark to light which was almost going to drown few months back as u know it very well. I thnk you

Roshanara Tara, Odisha

One of the areas I have felt challenged with most recently is self-discipline and restlessness. You certainly hit the nail on the head there. I thank you for all of the creative suggestions you have given me to work with to deal with all six of my fives! You spoke a lot about me being incredibly impatient and needing to become more patient and I feel very fortunate that most of the time, patience is a quality I do possess and have evolved into through my spiritual journey. Finding a way to channel all of the sensual/sexual energy I carry has been a process Dr. SS has really helped me with as well. Of course, that changed the dynamics in my relationship and working through that now. Thank you…

Roshan Malini, Sonipat

You really know who I am. I’m laughing out loud. My whole life is focused on Being Spirit and Being Love. You are the only person I have spoken to who understood what I have been committed to for so many years. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.I honor the magnificence in you, kind sir.

Tara Darshana, Udupi

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading my Potential numerology chart, I am very impressed. I have been aware of a lot of what you have indicated and recognise my dark side, not to dwell on but to embrace it and simply learn how to deal with it better. Many thanks.

Avani Nikhila, Himachal Pradesh

Dr.SS is a wonderful person. He has such a beautiful smile (in person) and energy galore. If you haven’t talked with him or used his services, I suggest you do. You will be glad you did.

Drupada Mahavir, Punjab

My session with you was just excellent. You made me so comfortable in your company. I never felt I was talking to a professional reader but you are more of an elder brother to me. You wonderful advices that you gave me during our first meet are still afresh in my mind, and the way you said I know you wouldn’t sincerely follow them either. But it was my second meet with you when you gave me immense confidence to realize my problems and predicted the accurate period when I will be out of those problems. I look up to you for the amount of positivity that you carry in yourself.

Manu Ratan, Thrissur

I could never believe someone could help me know the real “ME”. You truly are a blessed soul, a knowledgeable guide and a strongly intuitive person along with a great counselor. Your magical words actually brought about magic in my life. I adore you and your guidance always.

Mukesha Vinay, Indore

The reading you did for family has helped me attain the answers I had been looking for myself since long. I can actually feel the change in myself and feel highly energized for challenges coming my way as predicted by you. Also to my amazement, your predictions have come true for me so far; luckily a few things that I always dreamt of but never imagined they could really happen in real time.Many Thanks!

Samir Harendra, Pune

In not more than five minutes you could tell what attitude problem is with my child and that was because of the number vibrations that were not suiting her. I feel relaxed after taking name therapy guidance with him, thank you.
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