If one’s name is in negative vibration, then the drug addiction will be killing the man’s life. Only solution is to change the drug addict’s name into positive vibration.

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Features of Basic Plan

  1. If the Existing Name is eligible for the alteration, It will be altered as per Basic System of Numerology
  2. 5 New Names will be given
  3. Basic System of Numerology applied for new name selection using Date of Birth

Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy?
A Existing name with alteration(if it is eligible for the alteration)and You can get 5 New Names

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Remedy for Drug Addiction

If the name is in Negative Vibration, then Drug addiction will be killing the man’s life. I have seen lot of students, and other young people with bad vibration names are addicted for drugs. Numerological bad vibration name is a major roll in Drug addiction.


To recover these kind of addiction making the bad vibration name into “Sengs Systems” of Numerological positive vibration name. Only by positive vibration of name one can change his life. No meaning of advice, No meaning of counseling, No meaning of prayer, No meaning of treatment. Only solution is changing the drunkards name in to positive vibration.

In my 28 years of experience I have converted lot of drug addicts into normal man by “Sengs Systems” of Numerology. Now they are living happy.

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