Vimala Ritika, Pune

The reading of Numerology Analysis helped me to discover hidden strengths of my son. Also, it showed the talents that need to be developed. I can see the path toward the goals in front of him now, and I know what character traits to reinforce in him, because they will help him the most to develop in a complete and happy individual. Dr.SS, I can’t thank you enough for this information and I must congratulate you on your work!

Ratan Sanjeev, Madhya Pradesh

As many people do, I started looking for answers to what I thought were the BIG questions during a difficult period in my life. Thankfully my search led me to Dr.SS. His numerological analysis opened the door to my finally discovering answers to even more important, though less obvious questions – the questions of self-realization – and the answers that genuinely matter. His highly detailed and specific readings gave me remarkable insight into my Life’s Path, my Heart’s Desire, and my hidden strengths.Today my life is more focused on goals that bring true fulfillment and happiness. I’m at peace in a world of my design, where rewards are balanced in spiritual, emotional, and material comfort.I strongly urge you to order a Numerology Analysis today.

Pallavi Malati, Kanyakumari

Thank you for the detailed analysis of my numerology. Its intriguingly accurate in terms of interpretation of character personality and social traits. I think I will put the same to good use in improving my outer and inner persona.

Buddha Sanjaya, Gaya

Dr.SS, Our talk was revelatory!  You are a powerful, insightful man.

Aravinda Akhil, Chhattisgarh

Dr.Sengottuvel, (my daughter) was blown away by your numerology reading last night.  The numbers captured her, completely.  It made me realize that we all need someone to help us know and emphasize our greatest potential(s) because we live in a world that minimizes greatness and strives to keep us all meek and docile like sheep.  Those with greatest potential–relatively speaking–need the most support, rather than the other way around.

Sudarshan Gopinath, Alappuzha

I loved my session with you. It surprised me with how much I enjoyed and got out of it. I reflect back on the insights gleaned as I move into a new stage in my life. I thought you were so insightful and professional.

Sundar Gautam, Cuddalore

So excited about learning more. Your readings were amazing!! Thank you so much.

Madhu Sarala, Allahabad

I was so impressed with yesterday’s class and your knowledge and obvious passion for what you do!  Thank you, thank you!

Seema Chandra, Kolhapur

I am moved. The information is truly an eye-opener.  I am grateful to have found a person who is willing to share his knowledge and wisdom with others like myself. This is an experience I shall always cherish.

Sankar Sudhir, Shajapur

Dr.SS has been invited to present his research and theories at our conferences - Toward a Science of Consciousness in both Tucson and Hong Kong. His work "The relationship between unconscious abandonment issues and personal health issues" and "The nine categories and 162 basic patterns of the human personality matrix" are intriguing and work toward demonstrating connections between behavior patterns and health issues while providing a mathematical matrix for changing personal behaviors. It has been a pleasure getting to know Dr.SS. His insights and personal demeanor would provide a positive addition to any research staff.

Jayendra Partha, Haryana

"Dr.SS's Numerology for Healing has become a welcome addition to my practice, giving me a fresh and unique perspective on the relationship between behavior and health issues, and my patients have been the beneficiaries"

Abhay Lochan, Bhojpur

Just received your reading and wanted to express my amazement at the accuracy of it. I could identify with, and confirm each and every comment of your reading, even though little sparks of resistance hit me at facing the truth of myself! I loved it, and I love you, and thank you for your time and sharing your wonderful gift with the world. Thought I'd let you know that both of my children were very, very impressed with your readings. They were delighted to receive these as Christmas gifts and are still talking about the accuracy of your input. Thanks again.

Pooja Sharma, Delhi

A friend gave me some of your work to read. I just found out I have breast cancer and your info was so correct for me personally in regard to your insight.
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