Ananta Shyama, Dibrugarh

Mr.Sengottuvel has been a well wisher for our family for quite some time now. We have been approaching him for our problem and he has always given us remedies (mantras) which have worked immediately. His predictions have been always accurate. He also helped us to pick out the name for our son, which was numerological aligned with his birth dates. He is a wonderful person who i feel, can reach out any time and is very helpful always. Wishing you the very best for your Service!

Manjusha Meera, Golaghat

I just want you to know how much yesterday meant to me. Since part one of the reading, I have felt a great sense of rising above key issues that were mentioned. Yesterday’s follow-up reading , which defined current issues, where I am at now, and where I am going, has brought me to a new place of understanding that I am on the right track, and have always been on the right track. Everything I do, feel and think is all a part of my growth. I really look forward to you delivering your truth through numbers, to as many people that are open and ready to hear it. Thank You..

Sati Nalini, Odisha

My reading was so accurate and very knowledgeable. I was inspired and have had a wonderful shift in my thoughts and actions. Dr.SS, please keep up with your incredible gift. This is a reading I’ll never forget.

Sushil Sharma, Himachal Pradesh

Dr.SS has been a cherished friend and we were honored of having a Numerical Analysis of me and my wife as a couple. A few question marks in life were technically adhered to by Dr.SS for which we have been seeking for an explanation for quite some time. Although I am a hard core rationalist, my faith in these mystical techniques has shown some green roots, although to my personal displeasure. Although I did not change my life upside down but a mere consultation with Dr.SS has proven to be a turning point of my life which has been in a period of constant struggle. My belief that I shall be able to break the shackles on my own with my own luck and with my own hard work was shattered when a mere discussion with Dr.SS has started to make the ball rolling. I am indebted!

Anita Mukta, Raipur

Dr.SS is remarkably insightful when it comes to interpreting numbers and the patterns they present. He has a way with numbers that goes beyond the mundane mechanical interpretations that you see a lot of other numerologists come up with in their readings. His skill with numbers combined with his inborn intuitive abilities have gone a long way in helping me become more aware of the play of numbers in my life.

Shekhar Rajendra, Madurai

I found the reading extremely insightful. Dr.SS has a confident and soothing manner in presenting, encouraging us to examine our lives from a number of different perspectives. I can now journey forward with new confidence.

Prasad Sharma, Maharashtra

The reading was very accurate. Thank you Dr.SS for all the insight you put into this reading.

Shantanu Gopinath, Kerala

The ability to express, inform, reveal, inspire, and connect with another human being through numbers is amazing and at the same time a little overwhelming, but finding peace and harmony brings about many opportunities in life that we should not ignore. Thank you and God bless.

Rukmini Chetana, Bhopal

The effect of yesterday's session continues to be astronomical. What a great blessing you have brought to me. So simple, so clear, so powerful. Thank you

Lila Shakuntala, Assam

I was in total despair and lost as I had missed my promotion in the year August 2010. I was introduced to you by my relative and I had talked over phone to you about my situation. YOu had consoled me and said that I will be promoted by next year i.e in Jan 2011. Yes I was promoted along with my Junior batch in March 2011 and transferred. Though this is not a surprise for me, the other part which you had stressed had come true beyond my expectation. I was made Project manager bypassing some senoir colleagues. As of now, this is really very good thing.Thank you very much for whatever you had said to me.

Suman Vasant, Arunachal Pradesh

I initially started consulting you to clear my doubts in Astrology , later introduced your brand of Numerology. Your belief in Astrology is that there is no Ascendent. Youalways made predictions from MOON Sign as Ascendent. You did not believe in Divisional Charts and based your findings on Basic Rasi Chart only. Your analysis of my chart and some of the persons known to me were amazingly accurate.

Mohandas Shankar, Gujarat

I would like to thank Dr.SS for the extremely accurate analysis. He responded with alacrity to my inquiry and I am immensely grateful to Dr.SS for providing me with vital information at a critical turning point in my life. The qualities emphasized have been ones which, to some extent, I have suppressed in the past and that has had negative consequences. Now that I have been ‘formally’ advised and reassured, I shall take heed in future. The analysis has assisted me in making constructive and exciting choices for the future. I feel much more positive and at ease with the changes now and am looking forward to concentrating on, in the main, fine art which gives me a great deal of satisfaction. Thank you again Dr.SS for your generosity of heart and talent.
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