Aravinda Shripati, Ranga Reddy

I am so thankful to you for Analysis because it is an amazing account of how I seem to deal with the world. After reading and studying my Analysis, I feel inspired, aware and excited about looking at my life and myself in a somewhat new way. I do believe that I can now change the way I handle, act and react to my life’s daily activities. The Analysis brings up some challenging issues that I have been aware of for some time and puts them into a clear perspective for me to deal with. I think awareness is a first step and what you do with that information depends on your level of motivation which your Analysis has given me.I am going to love life and be happy with all the ups and downs that are a part of life! Thank you for the enlightenment.

Ratna Rina, Rajasthan

I would highly recommend Dr.SS’s Numerology to all. Not only is it complex and in depth, it is very accurate and far reaching! Sadly the negative traits were as accurate as the positive ones but I now have a more meaningful insight into my persona upon which I can work and grow.:-)) My current career and personal projects were highlighted throughout as was my worldview which I found to be most encouraging and thanks to Dr.Sengottuvel I now feel more confident in pursuing certain areas that have been causing me much thought. Thanks Dr.SS!

Govinda Navin, Andhra Pradesh

Thank you so much for an amazing in depth study of how numbers are mystically related to us :) It has been a pleasure reading the booklet you prepared and has brought about a new insightful way of looking within :) Thank You!

Anit Laxman, Kangra

Let me first congratulate you on a job well done. When I came to you for my daughter's psychic problem (she distrusted every single member of her husband's family - without any reason - since the day she got married), frankly, I was without much hope. I had tried several remedies earlier, including counseling, but without any results. With very faint faith, I agreed your recommendation Numerology Name Change for my daughter. You had predicted that the problem will fully get solved within a maximum of six months. It's just 4 months now since I took Consultation, but you have already delivered the results !May God bless you.

Belinda P, England

My name is Belinda P. – I am from England and I met you in November 2007 when I was passing through Sedona – you gave me a great numerology reading – which I very much enjoyed. You said that I had 4 rays and that things would certainly start to happen for me – well just to say that they have!! I have been to India twice since saw you and lots has happened. I am still not quite sure about what the Rays are…but anyway…………………I am enjoying the journey very much and I will always recommend you to friends passing through.Hope you are well……….Best wishes

Rajnish Bharat, Panipat

I would like to add my praise next to other individuals who have experienced Dr.SS’s professionalism and devotion to his work. When I first ordered my Numerology analysis, first of all I was amazed by Dr.SS’s accurate and individual approach to my reading and I knew that this analysis is not certainly some pure electronic product! With his deep analysis of my personality and a note of personal advice I sensed his compassion and intelligence, a deep understanding for an individual. With his report I learn a lot about myself, it has helped me to observe my life from a different point of view, make me realize my potentials, life motives etc., as to be aware of negativeness of some of my reactions and attitudes that limited my inner growth.Being satisfied and fulfilled with my personal analysis, my second experience with Dr.SS’s world of numerology was by ordering a Relationship compatibility which my fiance and I enjoyed very much. Thank you Sir!

Muris, Bosnia

My name is Muris and I live in Bosnia. We ordered the analysis for our one year old son. What we had got exceeded our expectations. It was a big surprise for my wife and me how accurate it was. Everything written is correct. We have also noticed some of the characteristics Dr.SS mentioned in his report, but we are very thankful for some other aspects that we had not been aware before, such as how he relates to his surrounding. Now we can better understand his emotional reactions and that will help us to understand his sensibility and to find a proper approach to his inner world.We see this analysis as a great help for our further contribution in developing of his talents. He won our family over as a client for life. Thanks for all that. -Muris & Emin, Zenica, Bosnia

Vladimir Stojakovic, Sydney Australia

My name is Vladimir Stojakovic. I live in Sydney Australia. I was very pleased with the quality of service Dr.SS provided when doing the numerical chart for my newborn son Milan. Both Dr.SS’s communication and his devotion to the art were exceptional. When the chart arrived, it was long and detailed, covering all important aspects of life. It was written in a clear manner, very easy to read and understand. I would like to highly recommend Dr.SS’s work to everyone interested in getting a numerology chart done.

Abhilasha Purnima, Odisha

Before your reading about the magic of numbers surrounding me, I always had a doubt in my mind. I always wondered how someone can know you just by knowing your date of birth. But the facts revealed by your chart was very astonishing. Some of them where not known even by me. I had to run through my memories to validate those facts. The chart and reading provided by you is like a mirror for me. And I have started knowing myself from now on. Unlike any 'babas', my lackings and strong points were revealed to me with appropriate reasons. I would like to thank Mr.Sengottuvel from the bottom of my heart to make me aware with myself and giving me a new direction to think about my life.

Kashi Lalita, Chhattisgarh

It was great meeting you. Sharing joyous vibrations which came as your aura was a unique experience and I am sure my team mates have immensely benefitted too.

Ravi Pankaj, Khagaria

It was out of sheer curiosity I got interested in a reading from Dr.SS. When I sent them a query for a reading , I was given and exercise on graphology and handwriting to be sent to them. I was not sure what to expect. When I received the reading I was actually impressed by the deep insight they got about my personality just studying my handwriting, signature. I believe there is a strong connect between what and how you write to the functioning of your brain. Will work on the tips given for improvement, I am sure I will benefit from them.

Rohan Suraj, Aravalli

I was amazed to find the interpretation you had done about me using my handwriting n date of birth. I have been to few other numerologist and paid a huge amount for the same. But trust me the accuracy you have is amazing. Additionally the other best thing I liked the way you presented the things. I came back with a positive attitude after having a sitting with you. The way you informed me about the good, excited me and the way you told me about the challenges gave me the strength n boost to face them upfront.The best phrase I like from our sitting was, we have our destiny but being aware about the trend of the same empowers us to handle it the right way. Thanks a ton.
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