Rashmi Jyothi, Mahendragarh

"I did not believe much in numerology till I spoke to Dr.SS. He could tell me true happenings from my past and gave me deep insights into my personality which only I could have known. He also gave me a balanced view of my upcoming future and sensible strategies on how to tackle any challenges. Very useful"

Vikrama Vijaya, Karnataka

Thank you Dr.SS for providing a wonderfully typed and bound Numerology reading. The one hour you spent in person explaining the Reading to me, was very insightful. I have started incorporating some changes at my end, and in less than a week I can already see positive results. Thanks Again.

Damayanti Sandhya, Tiruchirappalli

I wish to sincerely appreciate Dr.SS’s guidance to my son as well as to myself for consistently helping the progress in our day to day life using Numerological Mantra Vibrations. I wish to extend my blessings and well wishes to Dr.SS for his continued study and a well researched progress in the filed of Numerology, Mantra & Vibrations.

Shashi Nirav, Tripura

I bought your readings several years ago and it has changed my life. I enjoyed your frequent visits and learned something new every time you were there. Never really good at math but I always knew there was something about numbers that intrigued me. Other numerologists I've read through the years left me with more questions than answers. Your reading  was put together so well that it all made perfect sense to me. I only got to catch the end of my worries recently and I was so mad at myself for not coming on that day. I hope to see you more appearances because I think you are truly remarkable.

Venkat Ravi, Karnataka

I received the readings Monday and it's fascinating! I'm having trouble putting it down. Thanks so much for the personal autograph too. I have left positive feedback for you and hope you will do the same for me. Gotta get back to the my readings!  It's been a pleasure.

Poornima Shila, Maharashtra

Numerology has given me an opportunity to know myself better.  It makes good practical sense and is a useful tool in understanding others.

Mitul Sanjiv, Madhya Pradesh

HI Sir..... I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your kindness shown to me and our friends...and also for your compassion in our phone call last Sunday....I very much respect your professionalism and your incite...it has affected me in a way I cannot really describe....I have been doing the mantras and am beginning to journal my "how to's....you would be proud....and things you said play over in my mind as a reminder of sorts, of my path.....I spoke this morning to a friend of ours...she is a spiritual sister of mine who hs just become a Reiki Master..........she is very interested in contacting you and we have sent her all your info...her name is Lori Meyer and she is a very sweet spirit....just wanted you to know that and thank you again...I feel some connection to you that I am unable to explain, but for which I am very grateful to have felt....namaste..

Gulshan Shyama, Manipur

Thank you for doing the mystic numerology reading . I just finished listening to your readings and found it VERY interesting with absolutely “dead on” accuracy in so many areas.

Meera Shila, Jaipur

I haven’t shared the reading with hubby  yet and am not quite sure how I will handle that at this point because he is in a very fragile state with his career. You had such great insights for him and I want to get the messages to him, but my intuition tells me to wait for the right timing…. Divine Timing…  I will say I see a great many changes in him for the better since he began to work towards letting go of ego and becoming more centered in his heart. Both have been instrumental in channeling his highly aggressive and physical nature. I see a softer side in him and see that he is even dealing with his employees in a more compromising way and with more patience. So, your advice there was completely on target! Thank you again, I really appreciate the way you conveyed your message to us and I will certainly be promoting you to my friends!
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