Mohan Prasad, Odisha

Really a great work in the field of astrology, which has been used as a money swindling arena now a days. Really i thank you and i will surely represent your site unselfish work to my dear, near and others.

Devadas Prabhu, Manipur

Please accept my congratulations on putting together such a great and impressive service through I am most impressed with the accuracy - these say a lot about the great wealth of knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired through you vast experience spanning years. It is not easy to find a great Numero astrologer like you.

Dilipa Mahendra, Nagaland

I live outside India and happened to come across your website. Your astro-numerological site predicts quite accurately an individual's life story of what has happened, and perhaps what will happen.

Avani Aishwarya, Kozhikode

Want to share about my job change, I have relocated to Delhi as per ur prediction . Surprisingly the new company registered my name as the spelling that u have corrected. I am happy now, thank you for all your support and direction.

Madhuri Padmini, Maharashtra

SS-ji, your prediction has come true. My brother got job and he joined. My parents are very happy. As per your prediction that he may get job in abroad, he got job in abroad. Thank you very much once again

Lochana Shanti, Madhya Pradesh

Remember my brother harvinder singh for whom u predicted about his job, got a new job and joined in delhi today. Thanks for your prediction and advise for him.

Ratnam Nitin, Thrissur

What was more interesting, his invaluable advice and suggestions for me to work on my weakness and strength in every aspects of my life. He has predicted a promotion or pay rise is inevitable before end of 2012, yes I got the promotion and pay rise September/2012.

Suman Dev, Bagalkot

Dr.SS. Baba...Thank you so very much....your prediction came true as always...this time it was a most needed one for me...thanx for being dere for me as a friend whenever i needed n for patiently tolerating my rona dona msgs... U r amazingly awesome ...this im not saying just because ur prediction came true n as u said i got the JOB..but because u deserve all the applaud for ur sincere work...Thanx for being my friend n guide... and please accept this award buddy itz all urs man!...

Purushottam Lakshmana, Mysore

Five years back, as a 23 yrs old guy I was not much interested and connected with these predictions. But, one day I met Dr.Sengottuvel through a friend and later came to know that he is a numerologist. After few days, though I'm not really interested, I was pushed by my friend to give my details to Dr.Sengottuvel for a prediction on my job. Even at that time, I was very casual about these predictions and just thrown two questions about my career and marriage. It was in august, he said that I would be getting a job between Sep - Dec. Surprisingly, I got a job offer in November 2007 on which earlier I lost my hopes and planned to leave for Bangalore. Immediately I got same experience in another situation regarding which he warned me in advance in his prediction. These examples made me to know the power of numerology and Dr.Sengottuvel. And I'm very excited to have the guidelines from Dr.Sengottuvel to plan my career and personal life. I took this opportunity to introduce my sisters and many of my friends to Dr.Sengottuvel which helped for them as well. I'm very happy today to know about his website( which definitely makes many people to reach him easily and got benefited through numerology.

Pallavi Anupama, Chittoor

About two years ago, I felt that i was struggling with work and career. I wanted to go abroad to pursue higher education and add to my professional skills. But whenever I applied in the past, even though I was accepted into universities, I couldnt go abroad. I was surprised when you took my details and said that I would go to pursue my higher education in 2010, and it happened! Also, your guidance has helped me to be strong and positive during hard and stressful times. Thank you very much and I hope you bring positive changes in many more peoples lives as you have been doing so in the past.

Madhavi Maya, Uttar Pradesh

Will remains a loyal customer to Dr.SS! The website is a wonderful example of providing Proper Indian astrological guidance and knowledge. Please keep up the good work!

Mridula Sonal, Jharkhand

First of all I would like to appreciate the work/service towards human civilization through excellent website and consultation / suggestions is being given by you.
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