Vipul Buddha, West Bengal

As a result of these Numerology reports, I not only recognized my known character traits, but also was able to understand myself and my inner wishes better, which helps me to be more in harmony with my inner self and now both my work and private life have visibly improved.”

Sunitha Kiran, Kerala

Honestly speaking, anyone can proclaim to become a master numerologist after reading few books but Mr.Sengottuvel is different. He truly understands his subject. He also carries a great knowledge of astrology. This gives him an edge over the others as he combines all his crafts together.

Abhilasha Sulabha, Madhya Pradesh

Numerology just is so accurate..i am just being blown away by this, u r blessed to know this subject upto such detail..

Rina Abha, Bihar

I have consulted many all wrong ideas and stuff but when i consulted you believe me the most helpful and honest person i can vouch for my suggestion consult him if you havent as yet and your life will change

Seeta Anita, Anjaw

Everything cums at cost....and those whu get beniftd frm occult like me belive that its priceless, we nver thnk b4 paying a doctor then why astro or numerologists are nt supposed to charge, And i knw Sengottuvel bhaiya charges nothing in comparison to other famus people in this feild..there are people who charge 10,000 per person and later they dnt even respond to ur call and say deposit 7,000 one more tîme to get benifited...and they even call numerology...

Sumati Mohini, Goalpara

“I really am beginning to understand the importance of the numbers in our names and how they affect our lives. I am still trying to digest the report, as it is quite detailed. Numerology report truly appreciated the method you use where you link up the different numbers in the different categories, which affects change and a particular effect in our lives. I also appreciated the daily, monthly, and yearly forecast.

Amitabh Ranj, Assam

I consult Mr.Sengottuvel for practically all critical decisions in my life. He is one of those people who can connect really well with everybody and for me he is not just numerologist but a guide and personal advisor.

Indrajit Ratnam, Haryana

There have been few predictions that were not completely correct, but Mr.Sengottuvel always makes me aware of the larger picture. More importantly, he always imparts words of wisdom and advice. I think that’s priceless.

Surendra Singh, Punjab

Mr.Sengottuvel is a very supportive and helpful person and definitely a great Master numerologist. It’s almost like numbers talk to him!”

Malini Deepali, Rajasthan

We have been impressed by your website and feel that our members could benefit from it, we therefore applying for permission to reproduce your webpage in our group publications / circulars.

Anila Sushila, Tripura

I've been found the website very helpful and interesting. I'm very impressed to see your website. I'm also very happy to see on your website that you have dedicated yourself to the betterment of mankind.

Shobha Kumari, Tamil Nadu

I have gone through your website and highly impressed. As i have good knowledge of astrology but want to learn more from you..
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