Malini Ritika, Karnataka

I have visited your site and it really impressed me the way you represented several information in a very systematic yet presentable way. The response time is also very fast compare to other astrology sites. One more thing I think need a great degree of applause that is the detailing individual's report on diff. aspects.

Manjula Mohana, Chittoor

The features that I liked the most were Overall Life prediction. Lot of things in the predictions were good. I would really like to appreciate all your group's efforts in that context.

Preeti Sashi, Rajasthan

Thanks Mr.Sengottuvel sir for your prediction, It gives me positive light in my life. from last three days getting abroad job offers every day as u told me. feel motivated . thanxs. hope to get job very soon. Today i came to know about husband also and here ur prediction also came true that he has extra martial affair.

Poornima Nikita, Nagaland

Dr.SS’s knowledge and compassion helped me understand my path and gave me renewed hope and encouragement for the future.

Jai Mukesha, Gujarat

The reading was spot on. Everything in respect to who I really am and what my whole purpose is of being here was totally accurate. Love it.

Raghu Shankara, Jaipur

Dr.SS helped me recognize my strengths and confirmed the major themes within my life. Thank you for such an uplifting experience that has provided so much perspective.

Sundara Karan, Alappuzha

Good evening to you, Dr.Sengootuvel! This is Ragupathy, and I wanted to let you know again how monumental your guidance was - and continues to be - to me. I am in such a state of positive awareness and it is making new worlds swirl around me as if I were traveling among the celestial bodies above. The lessons of reinforcement you imparted are growing within me and I am absolutely welcoming the new life as it pulses inside.

Ramesh Jaywant, Jharkhand

To know this soul is an experience and a joy to behold, Because he inspires such joyous and uplifting feelings in one That just to be in his presence, his spirit, is bold And to find a finer, brighter or more loving star, there is none. Thank You

Siddharta Nishant, Hamirpur

“I received a numerology reading from Dr.SS several months ago. It was extraordinary to read about my life, realizing what decisions I made that took me on the pathway and the lessons that were learned. I felt like I was reading a contract that I made for lessons I needed to learn before being born into this life”.

Akanksha Lakshmi, Chennai

“Dr.Sengottuvel has written me a precise and detailed Numerology report. Almost all his revelations about me are incredibly accurate both positive and negative details, I was truly amazed.

Nitya Kajal, Arunachal Pradesh

I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too.

Nithya Kanti, Gandhinagar

It is a very nice initiative from your side, developing such kind of websites for normal people like us.

Roshan Kali, Goa

Daily it has become habit for me to look into predictions given by your site.
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