Akash Anik, Tripura

Thks again Sir.. u r really like a personal doctor to me.. I truly appreciate your time, effort and patience in addressing all my questions and queries. Words can't describe how thankful I am to you.

Ratnam Rohit, Mizoram

Sengottuvel ji you are well known numerologist, we all know. You have predicted accurately for many well know people of the society including some film actors, politicians, etc.

Buddha Venkat, Odisha

Hey guyz anybody here really looking for the right kind of help, guidance & consultation, catch this genuine, capable & true guy with the right talent, knowledge & capabilities... & a good human being.. :))) Keep Shining Sengottuvel ji...

Chetana Sulabha, Assam

I found his report extremely helpful. Thank you very much Dr.Sengottuvel for bringing clarity into my life. May God bless you. I would recommend anyone seeking clarity in their life and future to consult Dr.Sengottuvel. I truly enjoyed his insightful reading.”

Tara Shila, South Goa

I did find my Numerology report very insightful and was laughing a lot about how right on it was. I am very happy I did this because it does help me understand myself better. Being able to see the good, bad and ugly and understand the significance makes life’s journey much easier to get through.

Indrani Rachna, Bijapur

After reading my report I was relieved to see I am pretty much where I need to be. Also it helps me understand what’s happening and to keep moving forward in the right direction.

Kalidasa Brijesha, Himachal Pradesh

This is very interesting stuff, these numbers. Thank you for the opportunity to understand myself, and my life. Good job! ”

Neelam Arjun, Chhattisgarh

“I never really believed in this divination-like stuff, Numerology included, and got these reports done for me on the whim of a friend. But from the moment I began reading the first report my mouth fell open! It’s was like somebody had looked into my mind and described EXACTLY my personality and way of thinking, it was almost spooky to be honest.

Dipti Nirupama, Madhya Pradesh

He is a very humble person who is well known for this good work. People from different parts of India visit and consult him. From what I have heard, his predictions have, by far, been the most accurate compared to other numerologists. I have personally recommended Dr.Sengottuvel to almost 200 people as I want his gift to reach everyone who is in need of advice.

Jyotsna Sheela, Patna

I know he is a person with rich life experience that really does understand people’s anxiety. And the best thing about Dr.SS is that he remained down to the Earth even when he has accomplished so much.

Kshitija Mala, Haryana

Dr.Sengottuvel is the most accurate astrologer/numerologist I have met. He has helped me plan several vacations and my move to New Mexico, and has been right on to the littlest detail in every reading. I can only give him the highest recommendation! Thank you, Dr.Sengottuvel!

Kunal Pankaj, Aravalli

Really a great work in the field of astrology, which has been used as a money swindling arena now a days. Really i thank you and i will surely represent your site unselfish work to my dear, near and others.

Vasanta Nagendra, Cudappah

I love you all and your site! Looking forward to enlightening times...

Siddhartha Arya, Karnataka

I have read the futures on your site www.mynumerology.in. The futures impressed me lot and i am having lot of regard in mind for your free services to humankind.
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