Ankur Anuj, Mumbai

I was very pleased with the guidance i received from Dr.SS especially it was very difficult time during my medical school and career, He spoke honestly and gave me clarity and hope to move on through my exam, after 5years i have completed my all medical exam , i have completed my M D , Now i am success full in my medical career I wish him best of luck in his astrological profession.

Nala Amitabh, Maharashtra

I would appreciate Dr.Sengottuvel’s very accurate prediction. He is very professional astrologer in todays dynamic world.I know him last 6years , i m very much satisfied with his accuracy of prediction. He explain things by giving lot many examples so that it becomes easier for people to understand the things I wish him best of luck for his great work in future.

Devraj Vipul, Gandhinagar

Dear Dr.Sengottuvel it was very nice meeting to you .Jan 2007 u told me i will get good opportunities and there will be career growth, and you also told me with in December 2007 i will be getting married. Whatever u predicted everything was 100% accurate Thanks a lot for your support and guidance, wish you best of luck.

Pankaja Sanjay, Uttar Pradesh

Your predictions are 100% accurate, as whatever you have mentioned about me is 100% correct & matches with my past & current life.

Ananta Padmavati, Chandigarh

Thank you Dr.SS for my reading it was very enlightening.. I have never received such an in-depth read ever before so it took me a while to digest it all... This read was phenomenal it changed the course of my life to a certain extent...helping me make the right shifts were my health is concerned and my future plans.. I will certainly recommend others to have a reading done.

Nalini Indu, West Bengal

As you said earlier,i started writing my new name on paper daily and changed on facebook also. I consulted many astrologer but you are the best & different so far.

Manjusha Sharmila, Meghalaya

As per your predictions, my daughter Hufriya has come out with flying colors in her CAT examinations with 97.11%.she has been shortlisted in top IIMs. Also, you had told me that my stars will be getting better post 9th December 2013. today, I have got big offer within the company itself as General Manager – India for our travel division. Thank you & God Bless!!

Lavanya Nitya, Tamil Nadu

You told me include Dad's name so I started writing Tarun V.kapoor , as suggested . one starnge thing happened that my dad who used to be in almost non talking terms , cold war like situation with me changed to a close buddy, he offered me to travel overseas with me. Both of us went to Singapore , 6 days chatted and spent quality time with each other and came back last monday only .

Govind Bharat, Andhra Pradesh

Dear Sengottuvel, I never knew that simple change in name spelling would bring such a wonderful change in destiny and luck.. Thank You So Much.

Pradeep Ramachandra, Ramanathapuram

Great readings! Dr.SS is very informative and accurate. I would definitely recommend him to anyone interested in finding out their soul path. I plan on revisiting again to find out more."

Punit Ajit, Amritsar

I am so interested in astrology as a science and I strongly believe that this technology as used by Dr.SS was directly related to the great wisdom of ancestors.

Kanti Anjali, Mizoram

First of all my immense gratitude towards all of you. Your team is doing a wonderful work by providing genuine information regarding astrology. I found this website very helpful and insightfulI am a registered member of your portal.

Prema Chandra, Kerala

Many thanks for Dr.SS, I love the site and I am already introducing your site to all my friends here in UK.

Ranjit Asim, Assam

Hi sir, I am going to give 2 interviews next week.And its a good offer after u changed my name spelling..I positively believe in ur study u done for me.

Jayashri Kunti, New Delhi

When I met you probably 20 + yrs after school. I never knew the destruction through which I had gone will be rectified and corrected by you. When I met and saw your reading there I thought I should consult you as a chance because I had lost faith and believe in astrology and Vaastu by that time as fraudsters are everywhere to make money by giving you solutions and speaking the way you want to hear.
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