Gulshan Jayant, Sambalpur

Wow. Thank you SO much, for the informative and super helpful reading. I really appreciate your input on my reading. You were/are incredibly accurate as is my reading. Aside from acting, I paint, sing and write a weekly spiritual column ALL of these things fit so nicely with my numbers. AND I audition a lot for commercials which also fits into what you talked about. It gives me even more resilience to move forward until as you say…it is no longer fun. For now, I am having a blast. I can’t thank you enough. I have always admired your work!

Sanjeet Pankaja, Haryana

I'd like to thank you for the reading: your words were right on target, and your message brought a lot of comfort in a period where I felt quite lost and alone...even if I'm well surrounded. I appreciate the formula; it's a superb way to communicate. Hmmmmm... come to think of it, this is funny: I realize this must be typical of a commentary from a "number 3" person: the communication thing!

Jai Kishor, Hyderabad

I ordered several of your readings since 1998...they were incredibly helpful and accurate in terms of what was happening in my our. It was so wild...for example the reading would say "this is a time to buy diamonds and new clothes" (something I don't usually do) and I would discover I had, in fact, done that during that time frame... I've just briefly glanced at my reading and again it has a feeling of being right on track with where I sense my world heading...feels like a confirmation...very exciting! Thank you so much for this incredible service.

Amrita Aradhana, Chennai

WOW! Thank you so much, for my numerology reading. Your response was phenomenal, and your description of me very accurate. I'd be interested to know where in my reading you saw that public speaking is definitely not my thing, but I do really enjoy writing. Your podcast has left me feeling more positive and will work on that, thank you!

Aditi Jaya, Thrissur

Thank you so much for answering my questions. Your analysis and observations were very interesting and much appreciated. Thanks again for taking the time to respond to me and for your wonderful insights. I will continue to check-in via your website and of course. Please keep teaching.

Asha Nandita, Assam

I'm writing to express my appreciation for the Numerological Forecasts on your website. These forecasts, in addition to my Lifereading, have been invaluable in guiding me through recent personal and professional events (I'm currently in Personal Year 9). The forecasts are encouraging, uplifting, and motivating...just what I need right now.

Mukul Laxman, Mumbai

I received my Numerology Primary Life Reading from you. The report has been spot on-- pinpoint accurate in not only describing me as a person but also the various meanings of the Pinnacles and Challenges which proved true. It is enormously helpful, realistic, upbeat and positive. I think it is a "must have" for people considering a career change. They may discover hidden talents and abilities which are ripe for development for the workplace.

Shiva Chiranjivi, Andhra Pradesh

Your reading gives valuable guidance into managing one's life in a more insightful way. I reread my report from time to time. It gives me an extra boost of confidence to reaffirm my positive qualities and to give heed to areas to develop. The report is a excellent value for quality and quantity of information that is given. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves from many different perspectives.

Yami Devika, Mathura

Greetings Dr Sengottuvel, I hope you are doing wonderful. I wanted to thank you for my reading last Wednesday. I am, of course, grateful for the information, your insights, wisdom and your kindness. The information and your encouraging and positive attitude have made an impact- I feel very enthusiastic about about my life, and I mean my daily life "in the now" right where I am at and of course I am motivated about continued transformation and evolution. I had always heard "it's all about the process" and now I am starting to see the truth in that.

Rati Meena, Salem

I just wanted to thank you for your reading. Your forecast is more 'on' than any other that I have seen, in fact, I don't even check my horoscope anymore. I truly appreciate your "what to focus on" as well. After having a rough spring, it really helped to just focus week by week to get through. You have truly touched many people with your gift of sharing your knowledge. My mother and I have a New Years tradition of looking over our numbers for the year with your Numerology workbook. Thanks! Just wanted you to know you're a part of my life.

Gita Aishwarya, Chhattisgarh

Thank you so much for this service. I am just getting into the Primary LIfe Reading and it is enlightening to the point of grateful tears. It's really bringing a lot of things home to me.

Sandip Anish, Kozhikode

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful Life Reading. It was awesome and amazing. That was just what I wanted to know, because I've been seeking myself for ages. With the reading I feel I can embrace my life totally, getting known the purpose of my life. I love the path of the report which explains me clearly.

Suresh Rathna, Bangalore

I wanted to thank you for the reading. I had felt kind of down, but the reading helped me feel better, because I found the significance of much that has happened to me. I feel better, more encouraged, motivated, comfortable and livelier. I can't thank you enough for the report, which was more than I had expected. I can affirm myself now. It's incredible.
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