Priti Sumati, Madhya Pradesh

I love your forecasts. In March you accurately predicted a surprise vacation that my husband took me on, and last you accurately described a situation that I've been dealing with. Hopefully, you're right and things will come through in September. You are truly gifted at what you do. Please don't ever stop.

Nirupama Dipali, Punjab

Thank you so much for the reading!! It is an eyeopener! It does help me to understand why some things happened to me in the past, and it helps to accept it and move on. It is a part of my karma being released, it makes so much more sense to me now! Carreer-wise I feel am on the right track. I am an acupuncturist/ beauty professional, two of the professions mentioned in my reading. It is so bizarre how my interests are mentioned. Thanks again, all the best from Holland.

Anandi Nila, Krishnagiri

Some of my earliest memories are of writing plays and journals. Today I am a professional writer, working primarily with non-profits to raise money, but responding to other interesting offers that come to me. The ways in which these causes and people weave together astounds me every day! I have come to accept this as my operating principle, and life is rich with meaning as a result. Tomorrow I'm having breakfast with a friend who just returned from Esalen, and the occasion inspired me to give you a "shout out" for the wonderful work you did and continue to do.

Anuj Gautam, Sikkim

Reading through numerology report, I laughed and teared up and smiled all the way through as I finally understood what happened when I became his wife. It explained so much of some of the randomness that seemed to appear, like no longer being accomplishment driven but more into comfort and family in a way I'd never been (going from an 8 to a 6 in Heart's Desire). There are many other revelations, too numerous to mention. I had already decided to move more into coaching, teaching and advising under the new name and feel reinforced that I am on that track. It's great to have the awareness that the new name already is within me and I can now more consciously move into it. Thank you for your wonderful work. This has been a fabulous experience.

Arjun Sudarshan, Puducherry

Thank you, Dr Sengottuvel! I thoroughly enjoyed our session today. And I really enjoyed talking with you. I love how you look at life and I deeply appreciate our personal exchange just about women and life, work and love - separate from the session and yet so relevant to everything we were discussing. I am glowing with my golden nuggets. And I plan to enjoy this time and cherish it without guilt and let things flow, while exploring and discovering everything life has to offer. Today, I feel more centered because of the session. As you see with all the plates I have spinning, along with working through all my challenges, how necessary it was to dive into the inner workings of what is happening here. THANK YOU for showing me the way. I plan to savor moments now on a completely different level and will slow down enough to capture them all.I'll stay connected and keep referring people to all the wonderful work you are doing, and of course continue working with you as I progress, and revisit sessions and readings as time moves forward.

Rajesh Dayaram, Gujarat

I wanted to say thank you for the soul supportive work you do with Numerology! Many years ago, a friend got a numerology reading for me. A few years later, I purchased the name change (got married) as well as the 2 year forecast. I am astonished at how accurate all of these have been for me. What I experienced prior to getting married was all outlined in my primary name reading and the changes after getting married, they were right in there too!

Jyotsna Ankita, Bhopal

I'm a reader from Hong Kong and I purchased your reading many years ago. However, I didn't really read it in great detail until recently when I've been encountering some physical and emotional problems. It's a gem. It's full of nuggets of wisdom presented in a simple, lucid and highly readable manner.

Rajani Deepali, Delhi

Just wanted to email and say "HI!". I truly enjoyed the Numerology reading (via phone Oct 26,2010). It's been almost seven months and many items discussed have come to pass or are now entering into my life. I am still evolving and the process is absolutely beautiful!! Your reading was so ACCURATE and it's helped me understand myself and the new direction and path I am walking.

Susheela Kamini, Maharashtra

Once again I turned to your readings today when working with a client. I realized how many times over the years I have opened up The Numerology Kit and wanted to thank you for an excellent resource. While I am not proficient in numerology, I do enjoy the readings you provided. Thank you!

Kiran Rakesh, Kerala

You may not completely remember me, but I was thinking and talking today about that experience of meeting you and talking with you and I wanted to pass on how much that meeting meant to me. It truly changed my life. I am from the east coast and I was flying out to N CA to finalize a job offer, find a new place to live and see a man that I was thinking of running to ;-)

Shyam Laxman, Odisha

I wanted to write and thank you once again for my Primary Reading--the information is invaluable. This is the second reading that I've had you prepare for me--the first one was approximately 5 years ago and eerily accurate!  It is quite an unusual, albeit enlightening, experience to see ones personality, traits, destiny, etc., spread out before them. The work you do is absolutely extraordinary.

Manjusha Amita, Amritsar

I just finished reading the numerology report you sent to me and wanted to say thank you! Your interpretations of my numbers are fascinatingly accurate. An unbelievable observation I found was under my personal analysis. It stated that I was to change directions, try something new and "get out more." This was fascinating to me as this was the exact thing my mom told me to do during a reading . Very insightful, thank you again!

Karishma Nikita, Jodhpur

Thanks very much for your time and attention to my question. You were very right-on when you said my family has a lot of college and academic energy around them—they live in the Boston area! I’ve saved your reading to listen to now and again in months to come.
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