If your child is already named but, it is not as per the numerology you can alter or you can change it any time. It the name is altered as numero science vibration the child will get extremely positive results.

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Features of Basic 1 Plan

  1. Existing name only will be altered as per Basic System of Numerology
  2. New names will not be provided
  3. Following items will not be provided : Other details like Lucky Number, Lucky Colors, Lucky Date, etc.,

Q What exactly I can get from you for this consultancy?

A Existing name with alteration(if it is eligible for the alteration)
and You can get 3 New Names

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Child Name Alteration

Children learn faster than adults. What they learn, that is what they become. If the name of your child is full packed with negative vibration, your child is ultimately into deep trouble like ill health, loss of memory, bad behavior & character, less family attachment, shows no interest in education or extra curriculum, lazy in moral & smart in immoral thing. Child Name Alteration is the only solution for your child’s bright future and success.

Nature created the Children but “Sengs Systems” of Numerology only can makes them Lucky. If Children’s life starts with LUCKY NAME Vibration, child will get the following resuts.According to “Sengs Systems” of Numerology, a Lucky name is the greatest life time gift you can give your dear child, because by giving your child a lucky name you are giving it health, wealth and happiness. If you call your baby by its lucky name-sound it will become relaxed and will be filled with happiness. It will respond whole heartedly and gladly.

As your baby grows up, as you and others call it by that correct name sound, that sound will soothe its body-mind and it will develop a healthy ego.

Your child’s personality will flower in the right manner and direction and it will gain a strong individuality free from conflicting qualities. Such children generally have good resistance power to both evil and disease and grow up healthy, mentally and physically.

If you put your child in school on a lucky date with its lucky name number registered, you can be sure that you have already laid a strong foundation for its good education. Your child will go to school happily, will learn everything with ease and come up in class with merit. It will certainly do better that other children who have joined on unlucky dates and have unlucky names.

As your child, son or daughter, grows up into youth, he will have no difficulty whatsoever in choosing his favorite subject of study because by that time his personality would have developed sufficiently with a strong individuality and he will know exactly what he wants. This correct choice of subject will lead to a fulfilling and rewarding career resulting in happiness, for which your child will thank you forever.

If your child is already named but, it is not as per the NUMEROLOGY you can alter or you can change it at any time. If the Child name is altered as per NUMERO SCIENCE vibration the child will get the following…

  • Healthy Life
  • Very Smart In Behavior
  • Very Good Memory Power
  • Top Raking Position
  • Good Character
  • Good relationship with Parents and Society
  • Self Confidents

If the unlucky name is not altered as per the NUMEROLOGY, you child will face the followings…

  • ILL Health
  • Loss of Memory Power
  • No self confidence
  • Always seeking somebody else help even for a small work
  • Bad Character
  • Failure in Education
  • Bad relationship with Parents and Society
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