Madhuri Sushila, Karnataka

I have been visiting your website ( regularly and found it very useful. He has imparted some knowledge to me for these subjects and I firmly believe in the richness and proven scientific strength of ancient Indian scriptures. I am very happy to realize that you and team at your organization is working for such a great work whole heartedly.

Padma Kanta, Ranchi

Thank you very much everything has been excellent, while going through the site. I'm impressed with the efforts made for all the things, support system and information shared on various subject in the site. Yes, the site is impressive and the information given and the predictions given along with other facts are good.

Nilam Deepali, Bokaro

It must be hard to do so when you have a million users from over 176 countries flooding your inbox daily. The mere fact that you had the patience is indicative of your commitment to the great Indian science of Numero Astrology. Good luck and keep it up!

Leela Swati, Uttarakhand

The insightful star art projects that Dr.SS has introduced to my children, have resulted in educating them on their personalized readings in a fun and creative way. He has helped me understand how to relate to their individual behavior and their changing emotions on a daily basis. The introductory readings he performed at the various parties I have hosted always left my guests fascinated by his accurate analysis.

Vinay Anupam, Himachal Pradesh

I had this problem with my only son Naresh's disinterest in education. He lacked the motivation both to achieve as well as to get ranks. I took up your advice and did Name Alteration for my son. This was in September, 2004. You had predicted a positive turnaround after 6 months. Today I am a very happy parent, thanks to your Name Energy Field. Naresh has done very well in all his tests and exams after that. He now talks of aiming to be among the first 3 ranks ! He takes a lot of care to do his assignments, consults us before he decides on anything important and is positively selective with his friends. It would be only fit to say that he has undergone a "positive transformation", characterwise.

Pran Siddhartha, Arunachal Pradesh

I Would the Opportunity to express for your Contribution to Making a very pleasant year in my life. I hope and play and pray for a fantastic beginning to multiple, incessant..

Vinay Chetan, Ernakulam

Thank you for providing use guidance and for details furnished. We will look forward for your help. We congratulate for your excellent support for the society.

Buddha Vikrama, Indore

Dr.SS is one of its kind, dedicated to the service of people who love and need numerology help. Honestly, I rely entirely on your site for the specific purpose of computations. I will, ofcourse, refer this invaluable site to all who have similar interest.

Arun Sunil, Ajmer

I visited your web site earlier today and firstly wanted to congratulate you on the appearance, excellent content and accessibility I discovered there. It is not often I come across a web site that offers such a positive user experience and great information too.

Sashi Ananda, Panipat

I am really impressed with your numerology profile and your well presented website.

Sonal Rajni, New Delhi

I have been using Dr.SS Guidance efficiently for the past couple of months. I am really happy to share my feelings and satisfactions.
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