Karna Geevarghese, Punjab

Dr.SS has been really very accurate with his predictions and taking into consideration my personal experience i can say that he has been helpful in solving my issues. I have been greatly benefited by him.

Shyamal Nirav, Tripura

It's my pleasure and my sense of duty to inform my friend circle about your website. It's amazing and wonderful website which gives us clear picture of our present and future. I understand your team is doing excellent job. Keep it up.

Sonal Manjusha, Himachal Pradesh

I must compliment you for a most useful site. I cannot tell you how much I rely on your site. I have found your site to be more reliable and accurate than many experts I have consulted in previous years. You are doing a great service to Indians.

Anita Vasuda, Vishakhapatnam

I was very reassured that I could identify with the cycles mentioned (i.e. birth to the present) and they were very accurate. I felt this reading was my Spirit Records explained in a very sensitive and respectful manner.

Malati Dipali, Bhojpur

An absolutely invaluable guide in naming our daughter was Dr.Sengottuvel's Numerology. Dr.Sengottuvel patiently spoke with us about each name and the different destinies they signified. He was enthusiastic and caring during the whole process. He respected our hopes and understood the gravity of our decision. We thought clearly with his insight and combined that with our dreams, and named our beautiful daughter.

Vikrama Mahendra, Ahmedabad

Dr.Sengottuvel's numerology was beautifully instrumental in naming our little boy. He is everything his numbers revealed, and having this understanding has enabled me to be a better mother. I believe that if everyone used such a profound science they would not only be giving a gift to their children but to the world at large. It's amazingly true and Dr.Sengottuvel translates the numbers with such accuracy and heart.

Devraj Mohandas, Surat

Dr.Sengottuvel has helped my family and me with his gift of numerology endless times, so when we had chosen a name for our new little girl, I knew I wanted Dr.Sengottuvel to give us a reading so we knew what to expect and how to enjoy this blessing to the fullest. My daughter is now 16 years of age and is a beautiful young person. I have watched her unfold into the wonderful person Dr.Sengottuvel described. Dr.Sengottuvel's numerology guidance has been a countless blessing.

Nikhil Vasu, Kerala

You have a unique knack of transformation by very simple means. I seeked you advice and it has worked wonders. The service I got was reliable and to the point. You are amazing.

Shyamala Kirtida, Manipur

We know Dr.SS last 9 years me and my family benefited from his numerology guidance’s, we take major decision of our lives only after consulting him. I know many people who have been quite impressed with his uncanny prediction. According to me he is a genius in astrology. I wish him all the best and Thank you Very Much..

Jayashri Madhavi, Tamil Nadu

“I have been a long time client and adamant believer in Dr.SS abilities with regards to numerology. Although he currently is able to provide a service through the use of his computer, he for years studied and provided his clients with numerology charts. Therefore, his knowledge is at the tip of his tongue and is so beneficial along with the hard copy he provides. Dr.SS is very intuitive and not intrusive. He is confidential and ethical. We are careful and thorough. Numerology has opened me up to a wonderful facet of "the light side" and is an integral part of the Universe. I have given charts as gifts and highly recommend him whenever possible”.

Chiranjivi Laxman, Maharashtra

“WoW ! This has been my inner conversation in my deepest of being... not only was everything true (critical and educational) I long to transform the inner me. I value relationship and am so grateful we cross paths. You are remarkable and untouchable,  a prize of honor. For this and much more I thank you for confirming my true birth right, yes I love the Arts and Teaching! I have a passion of conveying information and Music in the artistic form is like my heart beat. I can truly say I have now become one with and do appreciate the Psyche and the natural me. I now feel like a curtain has been open and the message in my deepest of heart is now revealed with humility and honor. I love respect and appreciate you, you remarkable man”.
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